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Vernon County, Missouri 1903 Plat Map Book Landowner Names

The 1903 Plat Map Book of Vernon County includes more than 6,500 tracts of land and identifies more than 5,000 land owners in rural areas of Vernon County, Missouri.  These maps a great resource for identifying exactly where a family was located in the early 1900's.  These maps are in their original full color and large format size and all pages can be printed.

This Plat Map Book is included on our Vernon County, Missouri History, Genealogy, and Maps CD.  Click here for more details and ordering information: Vernon County, Missouri History, Genealogy, and Maps CD

Each of the landowner names listed below are included on these maps (the names are as they appear on the maps):

Abeldgard, M.C.
Ables, J.I.
Adams, C.R.
Adams, E.
Adams, G.H.
Adams, J.J.
Adams, J.W.
Adams, M.A.
Adams, M.E.
Adams, Peter Sr.
Adams, W.
Adams, Wash (estate)
Adamscheck, Frank
Adamson, Jno.
Age, F.M.
Agnew, M.N.
Ahlor, J.W.
Albee, G.G.
Albert, Fred
Albright, F.
Alexander, L.L.
Alexander, W.F.
Alford, Geo. H.
Alfred, Geo. H.
Alfred, L.S.
Alkire, G.D.
Allbright, Wm.
Allen, C.A.
Allen, E.F.
Allen, Geo. W.
Allen, H.
Allen, Isaac
Allen, J.P.
Allen, L.
Allen, Lucinda
Allen, R.C.
Allen, S.E.
Allen, Sarah E.
Allen, T.J.
Allison, J.B.
Allison, J.L.
Allison, J.O.
Allison, Jno. L.
Allison, T.B.
Amack, W.D.
Amanda, O.J. & Wise, Harley
Ambrose, A.
Amick, J.J.
Amos, R.J.
Anderson, A.L.
Anderson, C.J.
Anderson, J.
Anderson, John
Anderson, L.W.
Anderson, P.F.
Anderson, W.C.
Andras, J.C.
Andrews, A.F.
Angel, W.N.
Antrim, I.H.
Antrym, W.
Applegate, C.A.
Applegate, E.
Archer, J.F.
Archie, Leroy & Falor, Nellie
Armstrong, B.C.
Armstrong, C.C.
Armstrong, F.
Armstrong, Fred.
Armstrong, Geo.
Armstrong, Geo. S.
Armstrong, J.
Armstrong, J.B.
Armstrong, J.J.
Armstrong, J.M.
Armstrong, J.T.
Armstrong, Jno.
Armstrong, John & Wyats, W.B.
Armstrong, R.F.
Armstrong, T.A.
Armstrong, T.J.
Armstrong, W.B.
Armstrong, W.H. & Vaughn, J.M.
Armstrong, W.P.
Arnold, D.
Arnold, D. Mrs.
Arnold, David
Arnold, R.
Arnold, R.B.
Arnold, S.A.
Ashbaugh, T.L.
Ashbaugh, V.
Asher, F.E.
Asher, Luke
Ashley, Jno. T.
Atchison, Benj. A.
Atherton, A.S. (estate)
Atherton, J.N. (estate)
Atkinson, E.J.
Atkinson, Jas.
Atkinson, S.L.
Atterbury, J.M.
Auchley, M.
Augur, F.R.
Auman, Horace L.
Austen, Mrs. L.E.
Austin, D.P.
Austin, D.R.
Austin, J.E.
Austin, L.A.
Austin, S.G.
Autenreith, W.
Avery, Clara
Axline, Mrs. M.T.
Aylor, J.W.
Bacon, G.W.
Badge, Jno.
Badger, A.
Badger, A.H.
Badger, O.C. Hrs.
Bahling, C.
Baile, I.C.
Bailes, James
Bailey and Cleveland
Bailey, Ellen
Bailey, J.F.
Bailey, J.H.
Bailey, J.R.
Bailey, J.W.
Bailey, L.W.
Bailey, W.D.
Bainter, W.L.
Bair, J.H.
Baker, A.W.
Baker, C.M.
Baker, D.S.
Baker, Emily & Jno.
Baker, F.
Baker, G.T.
Baker, J.R.S.
Baker, Mary
Baker, Mrs. S.E.
Baker, Oscar
Baker, S.
Bales, A.D.
Balis, A.D.
Ball, F.R.
Ball, W.H.
Ball, W.W.
Ball, Wm.
Balsor, C.C.
Balthorpe, A.D.
Bandy, C.A.
Bandy, C.B. (estate)
Bangh, Jno.
Banister, M.
Banker, G.H.
Banks, A.
Bannon, C.
Banta, D.M.
Barber, J.D.
Barlow, E.G.
Barnes, J.R.
Barnes, John (estate)
Barnes, O.P.
Barnett, M.S.
Barnhill, M.E.
Barnhill, W.C.
Barnhouse, T.S.
Barnhouse, Thos. S.
Barnum, Emma
Barr, W.P.
Barrett, M.B.
Barrow, L.
Bartholomew, A.
Bartholomew, S.A.
Bartley, A.H.
Barton, E.D.
Barton, Fred
Barton, H.
Barton, W.C.
Baskell, W.D.
Bates, A.B.
Batten, David
Batts, F.
Batts, L.B. Jr.
Batts, L.B. Sr.
Batts, N.N.
Batts, R.A.
Baugh, Ben
Baugh, Jno.
Baugh, John E.
Baugh, Wm.
Baumgartner, D.
Baumhoff, Chas.
Baumhoff, G.M.
Baumhoff, J.
Baynes, J.K.
Baze, L.M.
Baze, M.D.
Baze, M.V. & S.J.
Beach, S. Jr.
Beagle, R.H.
Beagles, C.
Beagles, R.H.
Beal, J.B.
Beals, L.
Beals, Lavina
Beard, G.P.
Beard, H.
Beattie, Jas.
Beauchamp, G.F.
Beaver, J.O.
Beck, Julia A.
Beck, Michael
Beckley, John
Beckman, David
Beckman, O.P.
Beckman, R.E.
Becraft, Jas.
Beebe, W.A.
Beech, S. Jr.
Beecher, G.B.
Beeman, J.H.
Beeney, Geo.
Beery, A.
Behymer, Mrs. G.
Behymer, N.E.
Beisley, P.
Beisley, S.W.
Bekley, John
Belknap, G.W.
Bell, A.W. & A.L.
Bell, Lela
Bell, W.T.
Belshaw, Herbert L.
Belshaw, L.D.
Belt, J.H.
Benedict, W.H.
Benneke, H.
Bennell, H.A.
Bennett, C.
Bennett, J.J.
Bennett, M.B.
Bennett, Thos.
Benson, J.C.
Benton, C.S.
Beny, R.B.
Bernard, M.
Berrigan, Thos.
Bever, C.
Bever, W.
Bewick, E.O.
Bewick, J.W.
Bewick, S.C.
Bewick, Wm.
Bewman, Emma C.
Biaart, J.
Bickett, Mrs. M.A.
Bigelow, Mrs. (estate)
Biggs, Jno.
Bike, J.E.
Bill, Ellen
Bird, C.A.
Birdsell, Henry
Birdsey, Jno.
Birdseye & Harris
Birdseye, J.T.
Birdseye, Jno. T.
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, J.M.
Bishop, James
Bishop, P.P.
Bishop, W.H.E.
Bishop, W.J. (estate)
Bissett, J.R.
Black, T.
Blackford, H.C.
Blackman, J.D.
Blair, J.I. (estate)
Blake, J.C.
Blane, C.
Blanenship, M.P.
Blaner, A.S.
Blankenship, L.C.
Blankenship, L.E.
Blazer, Jas. T.
Blesdoe, S.
Blevans, J.W.
Blevens, R.B.
Blevins, J.
Blincoe, Geo.
Blotti, G.
Blotti, J. & G.
Blotti, Jno.
Blundon, E.J. & M.J.
Blunk, E.
Board, P.A.
Boatright, H.
Boatwright, J.W.
Bobbett, J.
Bockhorst, G.H.
Bogan, A.M.
Bogan, A.M. & W.B.
Bogan, A.M. & W.D.
Bogan, J.A.
Bogan, T.
Bogan, W.D.
Bogan, Wm.
Boggs, L.
Boice, D.J.
Boice, Jennie
Boldt, F.J.
Boltzer, Jos.
Bond, W.H.
Boone, J.L.
Boone, W.H.
Boosman, Chas.
Boostman, Charles
Borden, Wm.
Border, W.H.
Bosserman, E & Weeks, H.
Bosserman, Edward
Bosserman, Mrs. S.A.
Botsford, S.G.
Bottorff, Mary E.
Bottorff, W.A.
Botts, M.
Bouse, M.
Bowden & Nipp
Bowe, B.E.
Bowen, E.J.
Bowen, J.
Bowen, J.B.
Bowen, J.W.
Bowen, Jerre
Bowker, Scott
Bowles, B.H.
Bowman, A.A.
Bowman, J.A.
Boyer, H.
Boyer, J.
Boykin, J.W.
Boyne, Newell
Bradley, E.N.
Bradley, J.H.
Bradley, J.N.
Bradley, J.W.
Bradley, W.W. & L.
Bradley, Wm.
Bradshaw, David
Bradson, Jacob B.
Brady, J.H.
Brak, E.
Brand, C.B.
Brandt, Fred
Brandt, L.
Brannen, E.H.
Brannock, T.Y.
Branson, R.A.
Branstetter, Wm. C.
Braseur, S.T.
Brasure, S.T.
Bratton, R.L.
Braughton, C.T.
Braun, Jno.
Bredenkamp, F.D.
Brennan, C.
Brewin, Henry & Margaret A.
Briggs, M.
Briggs, W.W.
Bright, J.L.
Brim, W.A.
Brinkley & Howerton
Britton, A.
Broad, John
Broadfield, B.F.
Brock, J.W.
Brock, Sarah E. & Husband
Brockman, G.W.
Brodson, J.B.
Brokaw, A.
Brokaw, Benj.
Brooks, C.B.
Brooks, D.A.
Brooks, F.D.
Brooks, H.
Brooks, J.F.
Brooks, L.A.
Brooks, L.E.
Brooks, M.N.
Brooks, Mary A.
Brooks, S.J.
Brothers, Cole
Broughton, C.T.
Broughton, D.O.
Broughton, E.D.
Broughton, James K.
Broughton, M.J.
Brower, Burr
Brower, F.E.
Brown, A.S.
Brown, B.F.
Brown, Charles
Brown, F.F.
Brown, G.E.
Brown, G.H.
Brown, G.L.
Brown, Geo.
Brown, H.
Brown, H.B. & M.A.
Brown, H.E.
Brown, H.L.
Brown, J. Sam
Brown, J.A.W.
Brown, J.E. (trustee)
Brown, J.F.
Brown, J.H.
Brown, J.S.
Brown, J.Sam
Brown, Jno.
Brown, John
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mrs. D.
Brown, Permelia
Brown, R.E.
Brown, S.H.
Brown, Sam'l. H.
Brown, W.B.
Brown, W.E.
Brown, W.H.
Brown, W.P.
Brown, W.T.
Brown, W.W.
Brubaker, C.
Brumback, B.F.
Bruner, E.L.
Bruner, W.M.
Brunswig, A.J.
Bryan, J.
Bryan, J.A.
Bryan, L.E.
Bryan, Sarah
Buchanan, Emma L.
Buchanan, James
Buck, Carrie C.
Buckley, E.E.
Bucy, M.A.
Bucy, R.
Budd, J.C.
Budd, J.O.
Buford, J.F.
Buford, J.Y.
Buiser, V.A.
Bullock, H.I.
Bullock, Harriet I.
Bullock, W.H.
Bunce, G.W.
Bunce, Mortimer (estate)
Bunce, Susan
Bunker, Geo. H.
Burcham, W.W.
Burgess, O.E. & A.E.
Burgesser, Geo. W.
Burker, S.H.
Burkey, A.J.
Burley, Jas. T.
Burley, Wm.
Burnett, Wm.
Burns, Milton
Burr, B.F.
Burr, Jno.
Burr, M.P.
Burr, W.H.
Burr, W.S.
Burr, Wesley
Burris, F.M.
Burris, J.P.
Burrows, E.
Burton, L.C.
Burton, W.C.
Busbee, Moses
Busbee, Thos. J.
Busbee, W.A.
Bush, B.F.
Bush, T.B.
Bush, T.D.
Bush, W.G.
Butcher, Wm.
Butler, J.
Butler, Jennie
Butner, Stephen H.
Butterfield, L.L.
Butterfield, W.J.
Button, C.R.
Butts, J.W.
Butts, L.M.
Byron, T.P.
Cady, Jno.
Cahill, D.J.
Cain, J.C.
Caldwell, Thos. W.
Cale, J.J.
Calef, S.L.
Callaway, W.L.
Calloway, F.B.
Calloway, L.H.
Calvert, Henry
Campbell, Etta V.
Campbell, F.O.
Campbell, J.A.
Campbell, J.B.
Campbell, J.T. & J.A.
Campbell, J.W.
Campbell, M.A.
Campbell, Mrs. M.A.
Campbell, S.S.
Campbell, Thos.
Campbell, W.D.
Camron, E.M.
Canole, W.T.
Cape, W.F.
Capps, H.A.
Capps, H.D.
Capps, Henry
Capps, M.
Capps, M.E.
Cargill, Wm.
Carlat, A.B.
Carlat, C.A.
Carlin, E.
Carlisle, J.W.
Carlson, C.M. & A.F.
Carothers, Wm. T.
Carpenter, B.M.
Carpenter, E.
Carpenter, J.B.
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, R.L.
Carpenter, S.
Carpenter, W.
Carpenter, W.M.
Carr, J.M.
Carr, S.E.
Carr, W.E.
Carrington, W.H.
Carruthers, J.S.
Carruthers, M.E.
Carter, Chas.
Carter, J.A.
Carter, J.W.
Carter, R.P.
Carver, Lizzie
Cary, D.F.
Case, J.L. Case Machine Co.
Casey, J.A.
Cashell, G.W.
Caskey, Chas. A. & L.
Cassady, M.
Cassedy, I.S.
Cassingham, E.W.
Cassity, B.P.
Castello, Thomas
Catherwood, A.F.
Catherwood, A.M.
Catholic College
Caton, C.H.
Caton, Chas.
Caton, J.H.
Caton, Kate
Caton, M.
Caton, Mrs. A.J.
Catron, W.W.
Caughey, A.L.
Cawood, S.G.
Caywood, C. & M.
Caywood, S.B. & S.A.
Central Coal & Coke Co.
Chambers, A.H.
Chambers, John W.
Chambers, W.A.
Champion, N.J. & F.M.
Chaney, G.W.
Chaney, M.
Chaney, S.D.
Chapman, J.A.
Charles, D.
Charles, D.W.
Charles, Danl. & Hy.
Charles, E.F.
Charles, G.E.
Charles, G.W.
Charles, H.
Charles, J.A.
Charles, Jos.
Charles, W.E.
Chase, N.
Cheetham, J.T.
Cheever, E.S.
Chenoweth, M.M.
Cherry, Stephen
Cherry, T.J.
Chestnut, B.
Chestnut, J.W.
Cheverton Bros.
Chezem, M.
Chrisman, M.A.
Church, A.M.
Church, L.G.
Clack, J. & Bell, W.T.
Claggett, W.E. & J.
Clark, E.J.
Clark, J.A.
Clark, J.I.
Clark, Jno.
Clark, M.S.
Clark, R.M.
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, W.H.
Clarkson, G.B.
Clary, J.R.
Clary, S.J.
Clary, U.G.
Clary, V.& G.
Clasby, G.L. & E.
Clasby, G.L. & E.B.
Clawson, W.E.
Clayburn, E.E.
Clayburn, W.R. & J.W.
Claypool, D.C.
Claypool, M.C.
Claypool, W.C.
Clements, W.H. & C.C.
Clendeman, A.P.
Clendinin, H.P.
Clenkenbeard, R.
Clery, C.L.
Cleveland, Eli
Clevenger, D.M.
Click, D.P.
Click, J.M.
Click, M.
Click, Q.R.
Cline, I.
Cline, Isaac
Cline, J.E.
Cline, W.W.
Cline, Wm. H.
Clinkenbeard, R.
Clinton, C.A.
Clinton, Geo. B.
Clinton, Major
Closner, A.
Cloud, I.S.
Clutter, G.M. et al
Clutter, M.P.
Clutter, N.D.
Clutter, W.F.
Clyburn, Wm.
Coats, Jno.
Coats, M.
Coats, O.M.R.
Cobbaugh, M.
Cobbs, H.P.
Cobbs, R.B.
Cochenour, W.L.
Cochran, J.W.
Cochran, John W.
Cochran, Miss
Cockerell, A.H.
Coggswell, Geo.
Cole Brothers
Cole, Jos.
Cole, S.L.
Colelesser, J.
Coleman, O.
Coleman, W.O.
Colemmons, Z.T.
Colin, P.
Collett, C.H.
Collett, Geo.
Collett, J.H.
Collett, Jason S.
Collier, Mary
Collins, C.H.
Collins, F.J.
Collins, Harriett V.
Collins, Jas.
Collins, Mrs. M.E.
Collins, T.H.
Collinsworth, Wm.
Columbian Roller Mills
Colvin, James
Colwell, Jos.
Colyer, B.F.
Combs, J.B.
Combs, S.B.
Combs, S.W.
Comer, W.A.
Compton, J.M.
Compton, O.D.
Compton, P.A.
Compton, R.W.
Comstock, A.
Comstock, Albert
Comstock, S.A.
Cone, Hannah A.
Conkle, M.E.
Conklin, Thos.
Conkling Bros.
Conley, J.
Conner, J.H.
Conner, J.S.
Conway, C.F.
Conzet, Eliza F.
Cook, Ed
Cook, S.H.
Cook, T.E.
Cooke, S.A.
Coon, J.F.
Coon, W.E.
Cooper, Chas.
Cooper, J.C.
Cooper, J.H.
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, Mrs. S.B.
Cope, A.F.
Copeland, A.
Copeland, A.N.
Copeland, Abner
Copeland, E.A.
Copeland, F.M. & E.J.
Copeland, J.W.
Copeland, M.J.
Copeland, Thos.
Copeland, W.F.
Corbin, S.F.
Corcidale, J.
Cordry, Thos.
Cordry, W.L.
Corell, C.
Cornish, L.A.
Cornwell, L.L.
Corum, C.O.
Corwine, John J.
Coss, N.M.
Couch, A.N.
Couch, G.A.
Couch, I.E.
Couch, J.O.
Couch, L.E.
Couch, S.G.
Couxins, Emma
Coverdale, Eliz.
Coverdale, Jno.
Cowan, J.V.
Cox, A.
Cox, A.G.
Cox, G.N.
Cox, J.E.
Cox, J.H. & V.
Cox, J.T.
Cox, Louisa
Cox, Oliver
Cox, Ruth A. Alice
Cox, S.T.
Cox, Sam.
Cox, T.H.
Cox, W.
Cox, W.H.
Cox, W.O. & C.D.
Cox, Wm. L.
Coyl, F.M.
Coyle, F.M.
Crabtree, A.D.
Craig, Ella
Crain, J.W.
Craine, D.L.
Cramer, A.J.
Cramer, R.S.
Cramlet, J.M.
Crawford, I.J.
Creek, C.C.
Creek, J.P.
Creek, P.T.
Cregg, S.J.
Crenshaw, Laura
Cresap, H.B. (estate)
Cressap, I.
Cripliver, L.C.
Croft, F.B.
Croft, James C.
Croly, G.H.
Cronkhite, W.S.
Cross, Q.A.
Crossman, M.H.
Crossman, O.
Crosswhite, W.P.
Crouch, A.H.
Crowther, S.M.
Croy, John
Cruce Bros.
Crum, C.C.
Crum, C.E.
Crum, G.R.
Crum, Milton
Crum, R.
Crum, W.H. (estate)
Cubbin, S.A.
Culbertson, M.E.
Cumfort, E.W.
Cummings, James
Cummings, L.L.
Cumpton, Jas. W.
Cundiff, A.B.
Cundiff, J.W.
Cunningham, H.
Cunningham, M.V.
Cunningham, Mrs. N.
Currie, Clara
Currie, G.P. & C.S.
Curry, E.A.
Curry, T.S.
Curtis, C.C. & Wm.
Curtis, Jasper
Curtis, O.E.
Curtis, R.A.
Curtis, W.L.
Cushman, A.
Cushman, E.D.
Cushman, O.
Dade & Starkey
Dade, D.C.
Dade, John
Dade, T.A.
Dailey, H.B.
Dalamer, V.L.
Dale, Daniel
Dale, I.F.
Dale, Mrs. I.F.
Dale, R.J.
Dale, S.R.
Dale, W.D.
Daley, Kate
Dallas, G.W.
Dallas, James
Dally, Clifford W.
Dally, V.
Dalton, F.A.
Dalton, J.S. & F.V.
Dalton, W.L.
Daly & Calloway
Daly, J.A.
Daly, J.A. & Calloway, L.H.
Daly, J.A. & F.M.
Daly, L.
Daniel, F.M.
Danielson, A.B.
Danley, J.J.
Darling, Jas. T.
Darr, R.C.
Darrow, Phoebe
Darrow, S.
Daugherty, J.W.
Daugherty, John
Daugherty, M.B.
Davenport, M.J.
Davenport, W.
Davenport, W.J.
Davis, A.A. (estate)
Davis, A.F.
Davis, C.P.
Davis, Effie
Davis, F.
Davis, F.E.
Davis, G.T.
Davis, H.
Davis, J.N.
Davis, J.P.
Davis, J.W. & R.
Davis, Jno.
Davis, Jno. B.
Davis, King
Davis, L.L. & M.I.
Davis, M.B.
Davis, Martin
Davis, Milton B.
Davis, Mrs. Jno.
Davis, Mrs. Ruth J.
Davis, P.C.
Davis, R.
Davis, R.B. (estate)
Davis, R.M.
Davis, Rose
Davis, Sarah
Davis, W.
Davis, W.B.
Davis, W.F.
Davis, W.R.
Davis, W.W.
Dawes, F.O. & F.C.
Dawson, Amy M.
Dawson, J. & P.
De Janett, Frank
De Witt, Elisha B.
De Witt, T.M.
Deadrick, B.V., E.F. & I.E.
Deadrick, B.Y., E.F. & I.E.
Dean, A.C.
Dean, A.L.
Dean, Chas.
Dean, E.
Dean, Elias
Dean, J.G.
Dean, J.T.
Dean, M.E.
Dean, R.
Dean, R.S.
Dean, Robert
Dean, S.
Dean, T.B.
Deatley (heirs)
Deatley, Mary
Debus, M.
Decker, H.
Dederick, P.K.
Dees, A.M.
Deffenbaugh, D.G.
Deffenbaugh, E.S.
Deffenbaugh, M.J.
DeJarnelt, F.
Delahoyde, H.S.
Delp, Peter
Demuth, Jno.
Dennis, C.F.
Dennis, J.P. & B.A.
Denton, W.W.
Derby, W.
Desloge, F.
DeTallante, C.W.
Detraz, David
Devaul, Geo.
Dever, F.C.
DeVilliers, J.
DeVilliers, Jos. H.
Devine, J.J. & Katie
Devore, A.C.
Devore, L.A.
Dewey, Jasper
Dewey, Patrick
Dewitt, Harvey
Dewitt, R.J.
Dewitt, T.M.
Dial, Jno.
Dibble, R.
Dickison, T.H.
Dicks, M.
Dicks, W.J.
Dickson, J.L.
Dickson, J.W.
Dickson, Mrs. J.L.
Dickson, T.
Didion, F.
Diehr, A.
Diehr, H.A.
Diehr, Theo.
Dietrick, M.
Dietrick, Mary
Diligans, J.L. & F.M.
Dillon, A.J.
Dillon, E.
Dillon, Emily
Dillon, Geo.
Dixon, A.E. & T.E.
Dixon, A.R. & F.R.
Dixon, G.W.
Dixon, J.
Dixon, J.A.
Dixon, R.
Doan, D.R.
Doane, E.L.
Dobbs, C.
Dobyns, A.G.D.
Dodd, L.C.
Dodson, J.N.B. (estate)
Dodson, J.R.
Dodson, M.B.
Doerr, Edwin
Donaldson, A.B.
Donaldson, C.
Donaldson, J.
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, Jno.
Donaldson, W.C.
Doody, D.
Dores, R.F. & L.F.
Dorn, Bert
Dorsey, F.O.
Dory, C.C. (estate)
Dory, J.W.
Dougherty, J.W.
Dougherty, L.B.
Douglas, D.L.
Douglas, Martha
Douglass, M.C.
Douglass, S.C.
Dowell, L.E.
Dowell, T.C.
Downey, L.C.
Downey, M.F.
Downing, Wright C.
Doyle, James
Dozier, H.
Dozier, V.S.
Drake, C.F.
Drake, I.M.
Dressler, Fred
Driggs, D.M. & J.L.
Drumkle, Charles
Drumm, G.H.
Drummond, B.F.
Drummond, Ben
Drummond, F.M.
Drummond, G.W.
Drummond, P. (estate)
Drummond, W.E.
Dubach & Fatle
Dubray, A.
Duck, O.
Dudley, A.S.
Dudley, C.L.
Dudley, Emeline
Duff, C.H.
Dugan, E.C.
Dumas, D.B.
Dumas, N.
Dunaway, J.C.
Dunaway, J.S.
Dunaway, Wm.
Dunbar, R.C.
Duncan, Chas.
Duncan, W.H.
Dunham, A.
Dunham, Chas.
Dunham, G.E.
Dunham, Wm.
Dunkin, J.A.
Dunn, E.S.
Dunn, Edwin
Dunn, M.S.
Dunnegan, G.W.
Durham, Asa
Dye & Cox
Dye, E.T.
Dye, Frank
Dye, J.K. (estate)
Dye, J.R. (estate)
Dye, Jas.
Dye, Mrs. Nannie
Eades, H.H.
Eador, J.W.
Eads, Jno. & Malinda
Eads, S.
Eads, W.
Eagley, F.
Ealor, C.
Earhart, Geo. H.
Earhart, Virginia
Earl, M.A.
Earnest, H.J.
Easley, S.H.
Eastland, W.T.
Eaton, G.H.
Eaton, Geo. T.
Eddleman & Nixon
Eddy, A.L.
Eddy, S.
Edmiston, J.M.
Edmiston, Jas. M.
Edmiston, M.E. (estate)
Edmonds, J.W.
Edmonds, R.H.
Edmondson, I.C.
Edwards, A.W.
Edwards, G.W.
Edwards, J.W.
Ehmie, A.H.
Eli, C.
Elkins, J.W.
Elkins, W.A.
Elliott, J.I.
Ellis, Abram T.
Ellis, D.F.
Ellis, E.
Ellis, E.A.
Ellis, G.
Ellis, Geo. B.
Ellis, J.W.
Ellis, Jno. W.
Ellis, S.A.
Ellis, W.B.
Ellis, W.I.
Elliston, Rob't.
Ellsworth, J.E.
Embrey, Isaac
Emerey, Mrs.
Emery, Allen
Emery, D.J.
Emery, Isaac
Emery, M.
Emery, M.F.
England, C.L.
England, S.B.
English, E.F.
English, M.V.
Ennis, T.M.
Enoch, E.S., O. & B.
Eperson, J.D.
Ephland, J.M.
Epler, L.C.
Epperson, John F.
Erdman, S.A.
Erickson, C.A.
Eskew, W.R.
Eslinger, J.C.
Eslinger, M.E.
Estes, R.
Estes, R.H.
Eustace, A.B.
Evans, A.E.
Evans, A.J.
Evans, C.E.
Evans, G.
Evans, Jno.
Evans, M.A.
Evans, Samuel
Evans, W.F.
Everett, C.E.
Everett, Leonard
Everett, M.L.
Ewan, J.R.
Ewell, R. (estate)
Ewing, F.Y.
Ewing, G.G. & L.B.
Ewing, G.G. & O.
Ewing, G.G. & Olive
Ewing, L.B.
Ewing, S.
Ewing, Young & Lee
Faber, Henry
Fador, C.
Faeurbach, S.C.
Fair, Alice L.
Fair, J.C. (estate)
Fairchild, M.E.
Faith, F.H.
Faith, G.W.
Falkner, F.L.
Falkner, L.F.
Falkner, R.A.
Falor (estate)
Falor, Almira
Falor, Charles
Falor, E. (estate)
Falor, Myra
Falor, Nellie
Falor, Norman (estate)
Fannell, F.
Fanning, E.E.
Fanning, L.E.
Fanning, M.P.
Farnham, W.F.
Farrington, C.L.
Farrington, W.B.
Fastaband, Tony
Fastabend, Henry
Felix, L.G.
Feller, Ed.
Fellows, H.F.
Fergus, M.E.
Ferguson, J.C.
Ferguson, M.E.
Ferguson, W.E.
Ferrell, Geo.
Ferrell, R.M.
Ferrin, Wm.
Ferry, B.E. & W.T.
Ferry, D.S.
Fesler, Hiram
Fetrow, Sam'l.
Fidler, W.C.
Fidler, W.O.
Fidler, Waldo C.
Field, D.J.
Fields, J.W.
Fields, W.A.
Fields, W.F.
Finch, A.A.
Finch, C.T.
Finch, D.G.
Fink, B.
Finley, J.W.
Finley, W.J.
Finwick, Harvey
Fish, M.J.B.
Fisher, Chas. Q.
Fisher, E.
Fisher, E.T.
Fisher, Jno.
Fisher, W.J.
Fisher, W.W.
Fisk, S.E.K.
Fitzpatrick, J.M.
Flager, T.E.
Flagg, H.H.
Flagg, J.M.
Flake, F.P.
Flake, J.D.
Flake, Jno. W. Jr.
Flannery, J.S.
Flaugh, E.C.
Fleharty, Robert
Fleming, C.M.
Fleming, I.M.
Fleming, Ida M.
Fleming, J.M.
Fleming, L.M.
Flemming, B.F.
Flenor, J.
Flesher, Wm.
Fletcher, J.W.
Fletcher, Jay I.
Flint, E.
Flint, J.
Flint, J.T.
Floyd, L.M.
Floyd, W.O.
Fluner, A.C.
Flynn, Thos.
Flynn, W.B.
Foland, C.C.
Foland, E. (estate)
Foland, E.H.
Foland, J. (heirs)
Foland, Mrs. S.E.
Foland, W.L.
Foland, Walter L.
Folkner, F.L.
Folkner, R.F.F.
Folks, F.W.
Foltz, C.E.
Foltz, Chas. C.
Foltz, E. (estate)
Foltz, F. (estate)
Foltz, John
Fonburg, Chas.
Fonburg, I. (estate)
Fonburg, P.
Fonts, Jacob C.
Foraker, J.H.
Foraker, S.C.
Ford, Chas.
Ford, J.
Ford, J.N. (estate)
Ford, Mrs. M.
Ford, P.M.
Ford, S.E.
Ford, S.M.
Foreman, J.W.
Foreman, O.B.
Forkner, M.E.
Forman, Thos.
Fornshell, L.
Fornshell, M.J.
Forshay, Mrs. C.E.
Fortune, F.M.
Fostabend, Tony
Foster, A.G. or A.J.
Foster, C.E.
Foster, H.F.
Foster, M.J.
Fouche, Isaac J.
Foust, E.
Fouts, R.
Fouts, Russell
Fowler, G.
Fowler, H.T.
Fowler, W.H.
Fox, J.A.
Fox, Jehu
Fox, W.V.
Frakes, J.H.
Frame, S.E.
France, F.C.
France, J.
Franks, A.H.
Frazer, Howard
Frazier, Benj.
Frazier, J.A.
Frazier, O.J.
Frazier, R.
Frederick, C.S. & H.S.
Freeman, H.C.
Frey, Phillip
Friel, Chas.
Frozier, M.E.
Fry, W.C.
Fry, W.L.
Frye, G.M.
Fryer, J.A. & Hutchins
Fulks, S.D.
Fuller, Celia
Fuller, E. (estate)
Fuller, F. (estate)
Fuller, G.N.
Fuller, Geo. (estate)
Fuller, M.
Fuller, O.
Fuller, O.B.
Fulton, H. & R.J.
Fulton, M.E. & E.
Funderburk, J.C.
Funderburk, J.P.
Funk, B.J.
Funk, Ben J.
Funk, John
Furrow, Mat
Futzer, M.
Fyoch, Chas.
Fyock, C.
Gallady, Jno.
Galvin, G.B.
Galyen, E.C.
Garabie, M.A.
Garber, D.
Garber, E.
Gard, J.
Garde, John
Gardiner, P.P.
Gardner, J.H.
Gardner, U.G.
Garehime, H.H.
Garity, Mary J.
Garlock, S.N.
Garlock, S.W.
Garlock, Stephen
Garmong, Cora et al
Garrard, H.M.
Garrett, Henry
Garrett, M.A.
Garrett, W.L.
Garth, J.N.
Garton, W.D.
Garver, J.
Gary, W.A.
Gaston, A.L.
Gates, W.H.
Gatewood, S.B.
Gathright, C.T.
Gay, A.A.
Gay, Albert
Geery, C.L.
Geery, J.G.
Geery, L.F.
Geery, W.A.
Gentzler, W.H.
George, J.L.
George, P.
George, T.J.
Gerard, P.A.
Gerhart, W.A.
Germain, D.
Geuez, J.W.
Gibbons, Geo. A.
Gibbons, John E.
Gibson, G.H.
Gibson, Ida
Gibson, J.H.
Gilbert, Chas. E.
Gill, J.F.
Gillcey, C.F.
Gillespie, E.
Gillespie, Geo.
Gillilan, N.
Gillilan, Nathan
Gilmer, J.C.
Gilmore, S.A.
Gilmore, S.W.
Given, M.
Glass, Henry B.
Glasscock, G.
Glasscock, R.B.
Glazebrook, A.
Glazebrook, Austin
Gleason, G.G.
Glenny, Christian
Glick, A.H.
Glick, R.
Glicuke, Richard et al
Gliddon, M.E.
Glimpse, D.
Goff, S.E.
Goings, M.M.
Golden, G.W.
Golden, J.W. & R.M.
Golden, John
Golden, R.M.
Golden, S.A.
Gooch, Jno. A.
Goodell, D.B. Sr.
Gooden, E.L.
Gooden, V.F. & E.L.
Gooding, B.F.
Gooding, W.L.
Goodman, G.W.
Goodman, Jno.
Goodman, T.P.
Goodman, W.
Goodman, Wm.
Goodnight, Frank
Goodwin, S.R.
Gordan, H.B.
Gordon, A.A.
Gordon, A.B.
Gordon, Alex
Gordon, G.W.
Gordon, G.W.A.
Gordon, H.B.
Gordon, J.A.
Gordon, M.A.
Gordon, M.D.
Gordon, M.D. & S.P.
Gorse, Jno.
Gorse, Wm.
Gose, E.P.
Gose, W.A.
Goss, J.
Goss, Lucius
Goulding, C.L.
Gowen, W.H.
Graham, J.
Graham, James
Graham, Jos.
Graham, R.
Graham, R.L.
Grant, Cyrus
Grant, D.D.
Grant, Jno. W.
Grant, Laura
Graves, J.
Gray, A.
Gray, Earnest
Gray, J.L.
Gray, L.W.
Gray, P.
Gray, W.L.
Gray, Will
Green, C.C.
Green, C.K.
Green, E.L.
Green, E.N.
Green, E.S.
Green, M.E.
Greenstreet, C.P.
Gregg, S.J.
Gregory, G.
Gregory, H.
Greiner, F.
Greiner, Fred
Griffin, H.
Griffin, J.H.
Griffin, Jas. O.
Griffith, E.
Griffith, M.H.
Griffith, S.A.
Griffith, W.L.
Grigsby, L.M.
Grimsley, C.M.
Grimsley, O.
Grinnell, N.W.
Grinter, Nettie H.
Gronn, J.
Grover, B.F. & S.E.
Grubbs, S.J.
Guernsey, G.P.
Guinn, J.R.
Gummerson, Mat.
Gummerson, S.A.
Gunder, M.A.
Gunn, J.
Gunn, J.R.
Gunn, Jas.
Gunther, Mrs.
Guthrie, C.
Guthrie, G.M.
Haas, Frank & Wife
Haas, G.W.
Haas, M.
Haase, F.
Hackney C.
Hackney, Chas.
Hackney, Cora D.
Hackney, E.N.
Hackney, T.A.
Hadley, W.H. & Susan C.
Hadsell, C.H.
Hagan, Ada
Hagan, R.N.
Haggard, L.C.
Haggard, P.J.
Haggard, Ruth L.
Haggett, Wm.
Hahn, J.A.
Haines, Isaac (estate)
Haines, J.L. & S.V.
Haire, R.D.
Halcomb, A.B.
Haldeman, J.
Hale, F.B.
Hale, J.
Hale, J.P.
Hall, Barney
Hall, F.J. & A.M.
Hall, Geo.
Hall, Ida
Hall, Lola
Hall, M.E., see: McCrillis, J.F.
Hall, Thomas
Hallran, Jno.
Hallselt, R.W., see: Kelley, E.
Ham, Geo.
Hamblin, A.M. & Wife
Hamblin, I.H.
Hamersley, C.S.
Hamersley, S.
Hamilton, E.A.
Hamilton, J.W.
Hamilton, Mary A.
Hamilton, Matthew
Hamilton, W.
Hamilton, W.R.
Hamm, Geo.
Hammon, L.
Hammond, Thos.
Hanan, G.L.
Hanan, Sarah
Hand, Wm. M.
Handley & McCombs Bros.
Handley, A.L.
Handley, Jos.
Handley, M.F.
Handley, R.M. & J.W.
Handley, R.N.
Handly, J.W.
Hann, Malilda
Hann, Mary E.
Hanna, E.R.
Hanna, W.C.
Hanna, Wm. C.
Hanneman, M.
Hannon, J.W.
Hanon, J.A.
Hansen, H.J.
Hanson, A.
Harbison, C.H.
Hardacre, Jno.
Hardinger, J.B.
Hardman, J.R.
Hardy, Geo.
Harger, J.S.
Hargrove, Henry
Hargrove, J.A.
Harkneader, Jno.
Harkreader, J. & Wife
Harkreader, Jas.
Harkreader, K.
Harkreader, L.P.
Harkreader, Mollie
Harlock, Wm.
Harman, Henry
Harman, Isaac
Harman, Millard
Harmon, Frank
Harmon, I.
Harmon, James
Harmon, Millard
Harper, E.
Harper, Eli
Harper, J.B.
Harper, J.S. & J.O.
Harper, John
Harper, Joseph
Harper, N.J. & J.B.
Harrel, J.W.
Harriman, Myron
Harris & Dudley
Harris, Adam
Harris, C.R.
Harris, Chas. R.
Harris, E.
Harris, Ed.
Harris, J.
Harris, J.B. & J.R.
Harris, Jno. B.
Harris, M.B.
Harris, Mrs. R.H.
Harris, N.D.
Harris, P.R.
Harris, Wm.
Harrison, H.W.
Harrison, L.W.
Harroll, W.
Hart, Ed.
Hart, H.W.
Hart, J.W.
Harter, M.E.
Hartley, A.H.
Hartman, Charles
Hartman, J.W.
Hartnett, D. & M.A.
Hartzfeld, G.
Hartzfeld, L.T.
Hartzfeld, W.F.
Harvey, G.
Harvey, Nettie
Harvey, R.E.
Harvey, S.C.
Harvey, W.A.
Haspall, N.J.
Hassall, G.
Hassburger, W.G.
Hatch, M.A.
Hatfield, F.
Hatfield, J.D.
Hatfield, M.
Hatfield, Martha
Hatfield, R.
Hatfield, S.R.
Hatfield, T.W.
Hathaway, Annie
Hathaway, Z.
Hatton, S.F.
Hatton, S.G.
Hauser, J.A.
Hauser, J.B.
Hauser, L.W.
Hauser, M. & A.L.W.
Hauser, T.E.
Hausner, Martha
Haverstick, L.J.
Haverstick, M.M.
Havice, P.
Havin, Mrs.
Hawk, H.M.
Hawkins, G.W.
Hawkins, J.C. & Wife
Hawkins, V.
Hawkins, W.B.
Hawley, C.A.
Hayes, Martin
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, O.P.
Haynes, H.T.
Haynes, I.
Haynes, S.
Haynes, T.D.
Hays, J.W. & C.E.
Hayworth, T.C.
Hazzard, M.E.
Headen, W.C.
Headley, A.W.
Heaston, H.
Heaston, S.
Heathman, E.R.
Heathman, O.
Heathman, S.
Heathman, Stephen
Heaviside, Sophie
Heaviside, Thos.
Hecke, H.C.
Hedden, J.W.
Hedden, Jas.
Hedden, M.E.
Hedden, W.C.
Heddin, Jas.
Hedding, Wm.
Hedges, J.E.
Heeren, H.
Heinichen, J.
Heinichen, L.
Heinrichen, Lewis
Heins, J.C.
Heinsohn, D.
Heinsohn, H.
Heitz, J.
Heitz, Jno.
Helman, H.L.
Hemmersleigh, Geo.
Henderson, G.L.
Henderson, J.
Henderson, S.E.
Hendley, C.E.
Hendon, J.
Hendon, John
Hendon, Ross
Hendrix, A.E.
Henley, J.T. & D.B.
Hennings, H.L.
Henry, Geo.
Henry, Ray & Pulford, T.
Henry, S.
Henry, S.W.
Henry, Simon
Henry, T.D.
Henry, Wm.
Henshaw, P.
Henshaw, Paschal
Hensley, A.F.
Hensley, Chas.
Henson, J.L.
Henson, T.B.
Henson, W.R.
Hereford, M.J.
Herine, E.O.
Herman, A.J.
Herrick, M.B.
Herrick, S.
Herrin, S.R.
Heryford, Geo. V.
Heryford, Thos. F.
Hester, R.A.
Heuser, A.
Heuser, C.N.
Heuser, Emil
Heuser, Emily W.
Heuser, G.
Heuser, Marg.
Heuser, U.
Hewitt, C.
Hickman, J.
Hickman, J.W.
Hicks, W.S. & M.
Higbee, E.N.
Higbee, J.L.
Higbee, Theo. L.
Higbee, W.W.
Higgins, C.W.
Higgins, E.G.
Higgins, S.L.
Higgins, W.
Hightower, J.H.
Hightower, R.P.
Hightower, S.C.
Higley, C.L.
Hilborn, T.L.
Hill, E.
Hill, G.B. & E.R.
Hill, G.B., E.R., D.B. & O.R.
Hill, J.F.
Hill, J.K.
Hill, L.
Hill, M.E.
Hill, R.
Hill, T.C. & A.R.
Hill, W.
Hill, W.E.
Hill, W.L.
Hiller, J.M.
Hiller, Rachel
Hiller, T.
Hiller, Wm.
Hines, D.L.
Hitchcock, M.
Hite, G.W.
Hoagland, J.W.
Hoagland, Wm.
Hobbs, J.
Hobbs, Wm.
Hobson, T.P.
Hoffman, F.
Hoffman, J.A.
Hoffman, M.
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffsess, Adam
Hogan, Henry & N.J.
Hogan, P.
Hoggett, N.M.
Hogmire, R.W.
Hogsett, W.J.
Holbrook, J.H.
Holland, Thos.
Holman, M.C.
Holman, Mary C.
Holmes, B.F.
Holmes, J.G.
Holmes, Jno.
Holmes, R.A.
Holmes, R.C.
Holton, W.W.
Hood, L.H.
Hood, S.
Hook, Jno.
Hooper, J.D.
Hooper, J.L.
Hoover, D. (estate)
Hoover, E.
Hoover, Homer A.
Hope, D.C.
Hope, Dan C.
Hopkins, G.W.
Hopkins, W.P.
Hoppenbrock, Mrs. F.W.
Hoppenbrock, S.F.
Hopper, J.H. & J.M.
Horeman, C.M.
Horlock, J.
Hormback, Jos.
Horn, J.
Horn, Jno.
Hornback, J.T.
Hornbeck, F.
Hornbeck, Frank & Nan
Hornecker, E.G.
Horning, Mrs. L.F.
Horrock, D.B.
Horton, G.H.
Horton, Mrs. H.
Hoseman, Mary
Hoss, O.H.
Houser, Thos.
Houser, W.C.
Houser, W.G.
Hovis, Jacob D.
Howard, A.B.
Howard, C.M.
Howard, D. Arnold
Howard, D.H.
Howard, Mary E. & G.T.
Howard, Mrs. S.Y.
Howard, N.J.
Howard, S.V.
Howard, Willett
Howell, A.E.
Howell, L.F.
Howell, O.M. et al
Howell, W.J.
Hoyt, C.T.
Hoyt, F.C.
Huckins, Guy
Huddlestrum, A.
Hudsell, H.B.
Hudson, A.D. & J.L.
Hudson, C.W.
Hudson, D.
Hudson, E.
Hudson, H.E.
Hudson, J.G.
Hudson, S.P. & S.W.
Hudson, T.W.
Hudson, W.E.
Hudson, W.F.
Huff, Mrs. M.J.
Huff, S.S.
Huffine, E.M.
Huffman, Anna
Huffman, Phil H.
Hughes, E.P.
Hughes, E.T.
Hughes, M.
Hughes, R.
Hughes, R.M.
Hughes, Roland
Hughes, W.
Hughs, J.A.D.
Hughs, R.M.
Hull, J.M.
Huls, J.P.
Huls, S.D.
Huls, W.T.
Humbert, S.
Humble, C.L.
Humble, C.M.
Humble, D.L.
Humble, J.W.
Humble, James
Hume, F.G.
Hummel, F.A.
Humphrey, C.P.
Humphrey, Griffith
Humphrey, J.W.
Humphrey, Jas.
Humphrey, L.
Humphrey, Thos. E.
Humphreys, G.
Hunt, A.J.
Hunt, F.F.
Hunter, B.T.
Hunter, C.T.
Hunter, Gus
Hunter, J.A.
Hunter, J.M.
Hunter, L.M.
Hunter, S.
Hunter, S.E.
Huntsman, A.
Huntsman, B.
Huntsman, C.
Huntsman, L.L.
Hurd, R.L. & Etta M.
Hurlburt, Mrs.
Hurst, B.F.
Hurst, E.N.
Hurst, J.F.
Hurst, M.
Hurt, J.F.
Hurt, Jno.
Hurt, W.F.
Huston, F.C.
Hutchinson, J.
Hutchinson, Perry
Hutton, Kate
Ijams, W.H.H.
Iler, A.A.
Ingerham, C.E.
Ingram, J.
Ingram, Jno.
Ingram, N.
Innis, Squire
Inskeep, E.W.
Inskeep, V.O.
Irwin, W.O.
Isbell, Harvey W. & Ruth
Isenhouer, B.
Isenhouer, D.F.
Isenhouer, S.D.
Jackson, A.
Jackson, Dr.
Jackson, J.A.
Jackson, J.D.
Jackson, J.H. & Sturgess, Wm. H.
Jackson, M.
Jackson, P.A.
James, B.F.
James, James
James, Jno.
James, W.W.
Jargo, C.C. & E.
Jarvis, A.J.
Jarvis, H.C.
Jarvis, Wm. G.
Jasinsky, Geo. W.
Jasinsky, T.J.
Jeffreys, W.S.
Jeffreys, Wm.
Jenison, W.H.
Jenkins, J.R.
Jennings, C.C.A.
Jennings, C.C.H. & C.W.
Jennison, P.L. & L.
Jent, B.F.
Jent, H.T.
Jessee, Lee
John, Sarah
Johns, D.G.
Johnson, Allen
Johnson, C.
Johnson, C.A.
Johnson, C.O.
Johnson, Carl O.
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Chas.
Johnson, D.H.
Johnson, E.A.
Johnson, Ezra
Johnson, F.F.
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, H.C.
Johnson, J.F.
Johnson, J.R.
Johnson, J.W.
Johnson, Jno. D.
Johnson, L.
Johnson, M.C.
Johnson, O.
Johnson, Ollie
Johnson, P.
Johnson, R.E.
Johnson, T.A.
Johnson, T.C.
Johnson, W.J.
Johnston, F.E.
Johnston, T.C.
Johnston, Wilbur T.
Jokle, Henry
Jones, A.P.
Jones, A.W.
Jones, Abram
Jones, D.
Jones, Ezekiel D.
Jones, F.R.
Jones, G.W.
Jones, Homer E.
Jones, J.E.
Jones, J.H.
Jones, J.J.
Jones, J.M.
Jones, J.S.
Jones, J.T.
Jones, J.W.
Jones, Josie
Jones, L.
Jones, M.
Jones, M.D. & P.
Jones, M.E.
Jones, Mrs. Cora
Jones, Mrs. G.R.
Jones, Mrs. M.E.
Jones, Mrs. S.M.
Jones, Nancy E.
Jones, O.H.
Jones, P.W.
Jones, R.
Jones, T.R.
Jones, Thomas
Jones, W.D.
Jones, W.G.
Jones, W.H.
Jones, W.L.
Jones, W.R.
Journay, F.E.
Journey, A.L. (estate)
Journey, Ben
Joyner, M.L.
Jurgens, P. & Kramer, M. & M.
Kabler, R.B.
Kabrick, B.Z.T.
Kahlbach, D.R.
Kalback, D.R.
Kalwitz, T.J.
Kane, J.A.
Kash, A.A.
Kash, Ruth A. Alice
Kashner, Jno.
Kauffman, Henry
Kauffman, R.
Kaufman, A.
Kaufman, Arthur
Kaufman, K.E.
Kaufman, L.
Kaufman, Margaret A.
Kaufman, R.S.
Kaufman, Rich'd.
Kaufmann, J.
Kaupp, G.P.
Kausche, J.F.
Kay, W.P.
Kaylor & Troy
Keagle, A.
Kearns, C.A.
Keech, Harriet
Keech, W.H.
Keeney, J.A.
Keeney, W.L.
Keever, M.J.
Keifer, Mattie
Keinitz, H.
Keintz, H.
Keith, Robt.
Keithley, M.M.
Kell, C.
Kelley, E.
Kelley, E. & Hallselt, R.W.
Kelley, G.W.
Kelley, M.G.
Kelly, J.T.
Kelly, John
Kelly, T.B.
Kelly, W.D.
Kelsay, C.L.
Kelsay, H.S.
Kelsey, D.P.
Kemp, R.M.
Kemper, M.E.
Kenady, M.
Kenits, Herman
Kenitz, H.
Kenitz, Herman
Kennedy, Eliz.
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, L.T.
Kennedy, M.L.
Kennedy, W.A.
Kerns, I.
Kerns, J.
Kerns, Jeremiah
Kerns, Jerry
Kerns, S.
Kesler, N.B.
Kessinger, W.L.
Kessler, N.B.
Kester, R.J.
Ketner, D.L.
Ketner, T.D.
Ketterman, M.
Key, D.E.
Key, J. Tom
Kibler, A.J.
Kibler, L.B.
Kidd, P.C.
Kilpatrick, Sarah H.
Kimball, W.T.
Kimble, W.T.
Kincaid, M.P.
King, A.
King, Birdie
King, C.N.
King, E.
King, E.A.
King, E.C. & H.C.
King, Emma
King, J.R.
King, Jos.
King, L.A.
King, M.
King, W.J.
King, Wm.
Kininger, Geo. E.
Kinkaid, Daniel H.
Kinkaid, E.L.
Kinkaid, Margaret B.
Kinkead, Nettie & R.L.
Kinney, J.H.
Kinney, T.
Kirk, C.
Kirk, L.H.
Kirk, Robt.
Kirkhart, J.M.
Kirkland, A.
Kisner, C.
Kisner, Cath.
Kite, B.C.
Kite, Mrs. B.C.
Klawin, A.
Kling, A.R.
Klontz, Peter
Klotzscher, Wm.
Klumpp, B.
Knapp, G.
Knapp, Geo.
Knapp, Rachel
Knapp, S.
Knapp, Sarah
Knau, Henry
Knight, Hugh
Knowles, T.G.
Knox, E.L.
Knox, S.E.
Koblish, J.W.
Koch, J.G.
Koch, John G.
Kohl, J.
Koontz, C.
Koontz, E.
Koontz, E.R.
Koontz, F.
Koontz, Frank
Koontz, Peter
Koontz, T.C.
Koontz, Wm.
Kootz, Cal
Kootz, Wm.
Kraft, H.
Kramer, J.H.
Kuhlman, A. (estate)
Kuhlman, C.H.
Kuhlman, Chas.
Kuhlman, Henry
Kuhlman, W.L.
Kulhman, Aug.
Kuykendall, C.
Lady, M.
Lady, M.E.
Laflen, Fannie C.
Laflen, M.H.
Lahey, Jno.
Lamb, L.H.
Lambert, E.W.
Lambert, H.E. & E.W.
Lambert, J.E.
Lambert, M.B.
Lambert, M.E.
Lambert, Washington (estate)
Lamey, O.J. et al
Lancaster, J.
Land, A.P.
Land, C.W.
Land, Lydia
Land, W.I.
Land, W.L.
Landen, A.C.
Landes, A.P.
Landes, Clara E.
Landis, M.E.
Landon, H.A.
Landon, Hattie
Landon, Mrs. H.A.
Lang, Jos.
Lang, T.
Langan, Jas. A.
Langer, Frank
Langley, R.W.
Lannes, Mrs.
Lannigan, M.E.
Larson, F.A.
Lasley, R.
Latham, D.L.
Latham, W.D.
Latham, W.P.
Lawrence, C.
Lawrence, F.S.
Lawrence, J.L.
Lawrence, J.M.
Lawrence, J.N.
Lawrence, J.T.
Lawson, G.W.
Lawson, J.E.
Lay, J.H.
Layton, Elizabeth
Le Compton University
Leach, L.D.
Leach, Lillie D.
Leatherman, A.
Leatherman, Chas.
Leatherman, Ella
Leatherman, G.M.
Ledyard, Ella
Lee, G.R.
Lee, H.B.
Lee, M.W.
Lee, Mary W.
Lee, R.H.
Leedy, E.B.
Leedy, F.B.
Leeper, J.H.
Lefler, Levi
Lehmkuhl, Benjamin
Leiby, A.
Leischner, L.
Leist, Jno.
Lemert, W.C.
Lemmon, W.F.
Lemon, W.F.
Lenroe, S.
Lentz, G.W.
Leonard, C.G.
Leonard, E.L. & E.J.
Leonard, J.A.
Leonard, J.S.
Leonard, James F.
Lepp Bros.
Lepp, M.
Lepp, Z.A.
Lescoleet, I.T.
Letton, E.T.
Levaugh, C.
Lewis, Chas. W.
Lewis, J.
Lewis, Lee
Lewis, P.E.
Lewis, W.F.
Lightner, A.D.
Linden, A.C.
Lindley, L.
Lindquist, E.
Lindsey, C.D.
Linthaeum, J.A.
Lipscomb, A.
Lipscomb, J.W.
Lipscomb, Jas. W.
Lipscomb, W.
Lipscombe, J.W. (estate)
Liscomb, J.W. & A.
List, Jos.
Liter, J.E.
Little, Miss E.J.
Livasy, A.T.
Livingston, B.L.
Livingston, S.
Livingstone, R.C.
Lock, Jno. (estate)
Lockhart, J.J.
Lockhart, Mrs. J.J.
Lockwood, Ella L.
Loeb, H. & S.
Loeb, H.S.
Loehr, H.
Loften, G.
Lofton, E.I.
Logan, B.C.
Logan, J.C.
Logan, J.L.
Logan, Mrs. E.J.
Logan, N.J.
Logan, S.E.
Logan, W.V.
Long, B.L.
Long, C.A.
Long, M.A.
Long, W.F.
Longacre, I.N.
Longacre, S.F.
Longacre, W.P.
Longanaker, W.H.
Longbrake, Nellie
Longbreaker, D.W.
Longstreth, S.
Loomer, C.P.
Lopaulk, H.C.
Lorimer, T.J.
Lorton, Mrs. H.E.
Losee, M.H.
Lotspeich, J.G. (estate)
Lotspeich, James
Lotspeich, S.O.
Lotspiech, John (estate)
Loud, Mrs. M.A.
Loudermilk, J.
Lounsberry, M.J.
Love, S.A.
Lovell, A.J.
Loverington, Anna
Lowe, B.C.
Lowe, J.A.
Lowe, Mrs.
Lowe, W.E.
Lowe, W.H.
Lowe, W.M.
Loyd, A.
Loyd, J.
Loyd, J.M.
Loyd, Lee
Loyd, R.
Loyd, W.
Loyd, W. & Stillwell, E.
Loyd, Wm.
Lucas & Myers
Lucas, Ida-May
Lucas, R.
Lucas, R.A.
Lucas, W.A.
Lundy, Geo. D.
Lundy, Leonard
Lutes, J.F.
Lutes, M.
Lutton, H.D. & A.
Lutton, Lydia
Lutwig, Chris.
Luty, S. & L.
Lyen, P.B.
Lyle, B.
Lynch, John
Lynd, J.W.
Lyon, Ruth H.
Lyons, H.C.
Lyons, J.A.
Lyons, J.F.
Lyons, L.
Lyons, Thos. (estate)
Mabry, B.F.
MacDougall, A.
MacDougall, Arch
Mack, G.A.
Madden, Clara
Madding, T.
Maddison, T.
Maddox, D.T.
Maddox, M.A.
Madison, A.R.
Madison, I.G.
Madison, J.G.
Madison, Thos.
Madison, V.M.
Magam, C.H.
Mage, L.C.
Magill, J.W.
Mahone, D.L.
Mahone, L.W.
Mahone, M.D.
Mahone, M.T.
Mahone, S.B.
Mahoney, Clem
Main, P.D.
Maize, C.A.
Majors, G. & C.
Majors, H.B.
Making, I.C.
Makinson, W.G.
Malcomb, J.B.
Mallory, D.H.
Mallory, Hattie
Mandarin, E.
Manley, W.
Manly, M.G.
Mann, J.J.
Mann, Jno. J.
Mann, M.P.
Mann, Norris
Mann, Sarah E.
Manzer, H.E.
Maring, W.F. & Mrs. Jno.
Marks, M.J.
Marquardt, E.
Marquardt, Ferd.
Marquardt, J.M.
Marquardt, Julius
Marquis, I. Leroy
Marquis, T.C.
Marshall, D.F.
Marshall, J.N.
Martin, A.
Martin, A.J.
Martin, D.S.
Martin, Francis M.
Martin, G.
Martin, G.W.
Martin, Geo. W.
Martin, H.B.
Martin, J.E.
Martin, J.P.
Martin, Jno.
Martin, McSamuel
Martin, R.T. (estate)
Martin, R.W.
Martin, W.
Martin, W.B.
Martin, W.B. Jr.
Martin, W.S.
Martz, Hannah J.
Mason, W.H.
Masoner, Geo. W.
Massie, R.P.
Masters, L.A.
Masters, W.C.
Mastin, J.A.
Mastin, M.J.
Mather, C.L.
Matlock, J.M.
Matlock, Jas.
Matlock, W.H.
Matti, G.
Matti, Jno.
Mattison, M.
Maus, A.A.
Maus, A.F.
Maus, J.H. & A.A.
Maus, J.L.
Maus, Jno. C.
Maxey, J.P.
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, J.L.
Maxwell, Mrs. C.
May, E.
May, J.W.
May, W.H.
Mayberry, F.M.
Mayes & McNalty
Mayfield, T.
Mays, J.T.
Mays, Mrs. J.T.
Mays, W.J.
McAdoo, H.E.
McAdoo, R.H.
McAllister, J.M.
McAllister, W.A.
McArunete, Jno.
McBratney, A.
McBride, C.D.
McBride, C.H. & H.W.
McBride, I.
McBride, Isaac
McBride, J.P.
McBride, Mrs. E.
McCann, Jas.
McCash, J.S.
McClain, G.W.
McClanagan, Jos.
McClellan, J.E.
McClintock, M.K.
McClure, Robt.
McComas, Lucy
McCombs, Thos.
McConnachie, W.A.
McConnoughey, James
McCord, T.J.
McCormick, W.
McCosh, T.R.
McCowan, J.C.
McCracken, Kate
McCrary, J.
McCrary, Jasper
McCrary, S.P.
McCrillis, J.F. & Hall, M.E.
McCullough, A.
McCullough, Henry
McCullough, Jasper
McCullough, N.R.
McCullough, R.B.
McCullough, S.O.
McCully, Herry
McCutcheon, W.L.
McD, Mrs.
McDaniel, J.H.B.
McDaniel, S.H.
McDaniel, W.F.
McDonald, A.D.
McDonald, B.H.
McDonald, D.
McDonald, R.A.
McDougall, A.
McDowell, J.A.
McDowell, S.A.
McDowell, W.F.
McElfresh, J.
McElfresh, Jesse
McEwan, M.
McFarland, A.J.
McFarland, R.A.E.
McFarland, R.B.
McFarland, W.E.
McGaghy, David
McGarvey, M.
McGary, W.
McGee, Albert
McGeehee, Luco
McGinnis, John
McGinnis, M.F.
McGlynn, P.G.
McGooney, F.
McGorney, J.F.
McGovney, G.E.
McGovney, James
McGovney, S.C.
McGowan, J.G.
McGown, E.P.
McGuinn, J.
McGuire, T.J.M.
McKay, E.R.
McKay, Edmon R.
McKay, J.M.
McKenzie, C.E.
McKenzie, L.W.
McKill, A.L.
McKill, Belle
McKinney, J.H.
McKinney, J.R.
McKinney, J.S.
McKinney, J.W.
McKinson, G.W.
McKissick, G.H.
McLannan, W.E.
McLarnan W.E.
McLarnan, F.
McLaughlin, B.
McLaughlin, J.W.
McLaughlin, T.H.
McLean, J.W.
McLean, L.R.
McLease, John & Duncan, Chas.
McLish, Henry
McMaster, N.
McMaster, T.S.
McMasters, N.
McMenary, J.
McMichael, E.
McMichael, M.
McMichael, Math.
McMillan, J.W.
McMullen, Chas.
McMullen, M.A.
McNamer, C.E.
McNeil, E.R.
McNett, N.
McNew, John A.
McReynolds, B.F.
McShane, B.
McShane, Barney
McShane, Mrs.
McVey, Wm.
McWithey, J.I.
Mead, C.
Mead, T.M.
Mead, T.O.
Meadows, A.
Meadows, J.
Meadt, B.
Mealer, N.
Means, J.A.
Means, Sarah E.
Medley, H.
Medlin, J.
Meek, A.J.
Meek, M.C. (estate)
Meek, Mary F.
Meeks, Mary
Meeks, R.
Meitgen, A.C.
Melick, V.H.
Melick, W.
Meng, E.R.
Merchant, J.D.
Meredith, A.
Meritt, A.
Merritt, A.
Merritt, J.A.
Merritt, Jas.
Merriweather, J.C.
Mert, Mary
Messer, D.A.
Metcalf, H.M.
Meyer, Carl
Meyers, H.H.
Meyers, M.J.
Meyers, S.B.
Mickey, C.V.
Middagh, John
Middleton, N.J.
Milbourn, Mrs. M.E.
Miles, D.S.
Miles, M.
Miller, A.
Miller, A.I.
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, J.B.
Miller, J.C.
Miller, J.H.
Miller, J.H. & L.E.
Miller, J.P.
Miller, J.R.
Miller, J.S.
Miller, J.T.
Miller, Jas.
Miller, Jno.
Miller, L.A.
Miller, L.F.
Miller, M.
Miller, M.A.
Miller, Matilda
Miller, Mrs. A.E.
Miller, Mrs. C.S.
Miller, R.B.
Miller, S.
Miller, W.
Millinder, Mrs. E.
Milstead, Snyder
Mims, T.A.
Miner, C.A.
Mische, H.
Mische, Henry
Misener, J.E.
Mitchell, Emma M.
Mitchell, Isaac
Mitchell, J.C.
Mitchell, J.J. (estate)
Mitchell, J.T.
Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, N.P.
Mitchell, Oscar A.
Mitchell, R.W.
Mitchell, S.E.
Mitts, S.
Mitts, Samuel
Moberly, B.A.
Moberly, Frank
Mobley, Geo.
Mobley, J.E.
Mobley, S.L.
Moffat, R.M.
Monahan, J.A.
Moncrief, B.J.
Moncrief, C.E.
Moncrief, R. & W.R.
Monlux, S.C.
Monroe, A.H.
Monroe, G.A.
Monroe, Kenneth
Monroe, N.S.
Montgomery, C.F.
Montgomery, C.L.
Montgomery, E.A.
Montgomery, H.F.
Montgomery, W.
Moody, M.M.
Moon, J.J.
Moon, Wm.
Moore, A.B.
Moore, Chas.
Moore, G.E.
Moore, H.A. & M.C.
Moore, H.C.
Moore, J.
Moore, J.D.
Moore, J.L.
Moore, J.T.
Moore, Jas. J.
Moore, Jno. H.
Moore, John T.
Moore, Jos.
Moore, L.L.
Moore, Lewis
Moore, Mary C.
Moore, Perry
Moore, Q.T.
Moore, Ross
Moore, S.C.
Moore, T.B.
Moore, T.D.
Moore, T.U.
Moore, Tobitha
Moore, W.
Moore, Wm.
More, E.T.
Morerod Bros.
Morerod, E.M. (heirs)
Morerod, E.R.
Morerod, S.R.
Morgan, M.
Morgan, M.E.
Morgan, W.F.
Morgan, Wm.
Morley, E.T.
Morley, P.A.
Morrill, J.
Morrill, L.J.
Morrill, Sarah E. & Somers
Morrion, J.T.
Morris, Chas. E.
Morris, D.M. Hrs.
Morris, Eli
Morris, Hiram
Morris, J.D.
Morris, J.W.
Morris, S.D.
Morris, W.
Morrison, C.W.
Morrison, D.J.
Morrison, E.J.
Morrison, J.
Morrison, J.O.
Morrison, J.W.
Morrison, James
Morrison, W.W.
Morrow, T.F.
Morrow, Theo.
Morrow, Thos. F.
Morse, D.E.
Morton, C.A.
Mosby, J.F.
Mosby, R.M.
Mosby, W.C.
Mosely, D.S.
Mosher, H.P.
Mosher, M.E.
Mosier, B.J.
Moss, J.J.
Moss, M.B.
Moss, M.J. (estate)
Moss, M.M.
Moss, Mrs. Ollie
Moss, Ollie
Mossbarger, J.H.
Mott, Mrs. Kate
Mount, E.
Mount, S.R.
Mount, T.H.
Mountjoy, J.W.
Mueller, M.
Mulhern, J.D.
Mulhern, Jas. A.
Mulholland, A.
Mulkey & Kendall
Mulkey, A.J.
Mulkey, C.C.
Mullen, A.J.
Muller, M.
Mullins, A.T.
Mulrane, J.P.
Mundy, Robt. Lee
Mundy, Wm.
Murphy, R.
Murray, H.A.
Murrell, G.
Musser, Ida & Ella
Mutchler, H.E.
Mutchler, H.F.
Mutter, J.L.
Myers, J.H. (estate)
Myers, L.H.
Myers, Mary E.
Myers, N.F.
Myers, P.
Myers, Peter
Myers, S.B.
Myers, T.J.
Myers, W.N.
Nagle, Jno.
Naill, J.C.
Nall, J.M.
Nall, R.B.
Nance, S.
Nansen (estate)
Nanson, J.H.
Nawdain, J.S.
Neal, S.L.
Near, L.C.
Needham, L.J.
Needling, M.
Neer, George
Neff, Geo.
Nehring, Caroline & Wm
Nelson, E.F. & E.L.
Nelson, E.G.
Nelson, E.L.
Nelson, E.S.
Nelson, F.
Nelson, H.
Nelson, H.R.
Nelson, J.C.
Nelson, M.E.
Nelson, M.G.
Nelson, W.C.
Nesbit, J.T.
Netherly, G.W.
Nevins, Wm. M.
Newhouse, Jno.
Newland, J.C.
Newland, O.A.
Newland, P.A.
Newport, G.
Newport, G.B.
Newport, J.A.
Newton, E.D.
Nicholas, E.
Nichols, Abner W.
Nichols, E.C.
Nichols, G.B.
Nichols, H.L. & F.A.
Nichols, J.N.
Nichols, L. & F.A.
Nickelson, W.
Nickerson, C.A.
Nipp, Joseph
Noland, T.L.
Noll, J.W.
Nord, D.A.
Norman, Mrs. M.E.
Norris, Dr.
Norris, J.M.
Norris, S.E.
Norris, S.W.
North, J.B.
Norton & Kinney
Norton, Alec.
Norton, J.
Norton, J.N.
Norton, James
Norton, W.R.
Nowers, A.A.
Nunn, J.C.
Nyhart, A.J.
O Bleness, S.H.
Oates, J.E.
Oats, D.C.
Obendorf, H.C.
Oberlin, E.S.
O'Brien, Rebecca
Ockerman, Wm.
Odell, O.B.
O'Donnell, L.
Ogden, A.E.
Ogden, E.
Ogenberger, A.
Ogenberger, Lewis E.
Ohler, C.
Ohler, Cyrus
Olive, T.E.
Olmstead, Geo. W.
Olson, E.B.
Opdyke, J.E.
Osenberger, Sam'l.
Ott, M.V.
Overstreet, W.S.
Overton, J.T.
Owens, J.G.
Owens, R.
Oxford, L.C.
Pace, Geo.
Pace, J.
Pace, James
Pace, L.
Packer, M.L.
Palmer, D.L.
Palmer, E.B.
Palmer, F. & J.R.
Palmer, G.E.
Palmer, G.F.
Palmer, G.W.
Palmer, H.F.
Palmer, Ira A.
Palmer, J.R.
Palmer, M.
Palmer, Minnie P.
Palmer, N.W.
Palmer, O.M.
Palmer, O.S.
Palmer, Oscar
Palmer, R.W.
Palmer, V.K.
Palmer, W.L.
Pannell, Wm. R.
Pantecost, E.
Park, I.
Parker, A.A.
Parker, D.G.
Parker, H.G.
Parker, James
Parker, Mary
Parker, W.E.
Parker, W.M.
Parks, F.T.
Parks, J.W.S.
Parmlee, J.W.
Parrell, J.R.
Parrell, Jas.
Parrish, L.A.
Parrish, W.T.
Parsons, H.A.
Parsons, M.
Parsons, M.V.
Parsons, W.
Patch, Frank
Paterson, A.V.
Patterson, M.N.
Patterson, Mrs. M.N.
Patterson, W.R.
Patton, D.R.
Patton, T.L.
Patty, J.M.
Paul, G.W.
Payne, E.W.
Payne, M.
Payne, W.H.
Payson, Edna
Peabody, J.W.
Peacock, J.H.
Pease, A.A.
Peck, A.J.
Peck, David
Peery, J.H.
Pemberton, M.F.
Pence, C.E.
Pence, G.W. (estate)
Pendleton, L.E.
Penfold, T.G.
Pengent, V.S.
Pentecost, J.D.
Pepper, W.L.
Peppers, H.J.
Perdue, M.E.
Perriman, Issac
Perrin, W.D.
Peters, Henry
Peters, L.W.
Peters, N.C.
Peterson, Christian
Peterson, F.L.
Pettibon, A.
Pettibon, C.C.
Pettibon, T.H.
Pettibone, A.
Pettibone, H.B.
Pettibone, J.
Pettibone, Jas.
Pettibone, L.A.
Petty, G.W.
Pfeiffer, G.W.
Pfister, Jacob
Phelps, F.
Phelps, J.C.
Phelps, J.D. & Balthorpe, A.D.
Phiels, C.S.
Phillips Bros.
Phillips, Louis
Phillips, Susan
Phillips, T.R.
Phillips, Thos.
Phillips, V.M.
Phillips, W.T.
Phipps, John
Pierce, D.S.
Pierce, Frank E.
Pierce, G.T.
Pierce, J.H.
Pierce, L.D.
Piercefield, H.
Pierson, C.A.
Pierson, G.A.
Pierson, Geo. A.
Pine, Nancy
Pine, Wm.
Pinegar, W.J.
Piniker, J.
Pinkerton, M.A.
Pinnell, H.J.
Pinnell, John
Pittenger, A.H.
Pitts, G.W.
Pitts, Jno.
Plag, M.& S.
Plaiss, J.W.
Plum, E.
Plumb, G.W.
Plummer, S.D.
Plummer, W.A.
Poage, H.M.
Pohl & Daly
Pointer, Wm.
Poland, B.F. & Wife
Pollard, O.W. & A.L.
Polly, G.W.
Pope, T.B.
Pope, W.S.
Popplewell, R.J.
Popplewell, S.G.
Popplewell, W.H.
Porter, A.
Porter, D.C.
Porter, Daniel G.
Porter, J. & L.M.
Porter, J.W.
Porter, R.L.
Porter, Robt.
Portorf, H.E. & E.L.
Post, C.I.
Post, R.
Pottart, E.L.
Potter, B.F.
Potter, B.F. Jr.
Potter, F.A.
Potter, H.D.
Potter, H.E.
Potter, H.E. & F.A.
Potter, Mary
Potter, V.
Poulter, G.F.
Poulter, G.W.
Poulter, J.
Poulter, J.D.
Poulter, M.A.
Poulter, N.N.
Powell, I.P.
Powell, W.H.
Poyner, J.G.
Poyner, J.Q.
Poyner, Wm.
Prewitt, E. (estate)
Prewitt, Geo.
Prewitt, Nelson
Prewitt, Robt.
Prewitt, W.T.
Prewitt, Wm. H.
Price, H.
Price, Henry
Price, L.H.
Price, M.J.
Price, Sarah
Price, W.L.
Prichard, J.T.
Pritchard, E.K.
Pritchard, G.W.
Pritchard, J.T.
Pritchard, W.O.
Probasco, C.C. & M.L.
Pryor, Chas.
Pryor, E.W.
Pryor, J.A.
Pryor, Wm.
Pulford, T.
Pullum, M.E.
Purcell, J.E.
Pusley, Mrs. E.C.
Pyle, J.R.
Pylman, Jno. H.
Quick, A.S.
Quigley, Cath.
Quigley, J.P. (Trustee)
Quigley, James
Quimby, F.M.
Rabon, T.M. & R.V.
Rabounne, J.A.
Radde, Dorc
Radde, F.M.
Radde, Fred
Rafferty, E.W.
Rafter, J.J.
Raines, J.S.
Raines, M.T.
Rains, E.J.
Rains, J.H.
Ramsey, W.M.
Ramshaw, Wm.
Randall, W.B.
Randlemon, I.F.
Ransdall, E.W.
Ransdell, E.W.
Ransom, C.E.
Ransom, T.E.
Rapp, D.A.
Rapp, E.
Rapp, J.J.
Rapp, M.E.
Rardin, W.C.
Rathbun, Matilda
Ray, J.P.
Ray, Jos.
Ray, S.F.
Rea, Jas
Ream, C.B.
Reddy, H.
Reed, Chas.
Reed, David
Reed, F.M.
Reed, Mary B.
Reed, P.H.W.
Reed, S.
Reese, A.C.
Reese, C.L.
Reese, G.H.
Reese, J.A.
Reese, M.E.
Reese, M.E. & Swearingen, K.
Reese, S.M.
Regan Land Co.
Reinhart, Matthias
Reitz, S.S.
Remey, W.A. & Smith, A.T.
Renfrow, Geo.
Renshaw, J.J.
Requa, Mrs. J.J.
Reyburn, J.H.
Reynolds, C.A.
Reynolds, M.
Reynolds, S.A.
Reynolds, S.J.
Reynolds, W.N.
Rhea, E.E.
Rhoads, H.W.
Rhodes, E.M.
Rhodes, H.W.
Rhodes, J.F. & C.L.
Rhodes, Wm.
Ribley, H.
Riburn, J.B.
Rice, Marion
Rice, Thos.
Rich Hill Coal Mng. Co.
Richards, C.J.
Richards, S.C.
Richards, Sarah A.
Richardson, A.V.
Richardson, H.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, J.N.
Richardson, Mrs. C.H.
Richardson, V.H. & A.
Richardson, W.H.
Richmond, A.W.
Richmond, C.E.
Richmond, W.L.
Ricketts, I.
Rickey, M.
Ricks, Jno. D.
Ridgeway, Frank
Ridgeway, J.T.
Ridgeway, Mary V. & F.P.
Ridgway, J.
Ridgway, J.B.
Riley, A.C.
Riley, J.W.
Riley, Victoria
Rimbey, M.E.
Rimby, A.
Rimmer, J.C.
Rinehart, J.H.
Rinehart, M.A.
Rinehart, W.H.
Ringo, C.S.
Rinkle, W.
Ripley, H.
Ripley, Horace
Ripley, W.H.
Riston, W.A.
Ritchie, Jno.
Ritchie, M.F.
Ritter, A.
Ritter, Ada
Roach, N.
Roberson, J.H.
Roberts, J.C.
Roberts, J.L.
Roberts, Jesse L.
Roberts, John B.
Roberts, M.J. & M.A.
Roberts, Milo
Roberts, Mrs. A.
Roberts, S.L.
Roberts, T.A.
Roberts, W.W.
Roberts, Wm.
Robertson, Henry C.
Robertson, J.W.
Robinett, J.F.
Robinson, B. & E.A.
Robinson, E.A.
Robinson, H.P.
Robinson, Ira
Robinson, J.C.
Robinson, J.F.
Robinson, J.M.
Robinson, J.N.
Robinson, J.P.
Robinson, J.W.
Robinson, Jno. W.
Robinson, Levi W.
Robinson, S.J.
Robinson, W.D.
Robinson, W.R.
Robinson, W.Y.
Robison, Eliza
Robison, Mrs. E.
Robyns, H.S.
Rockwood, Belle B.
Roderick, Perry
Rodick, John
Rogers, G.W.
Rogers, R.M.
Rohrer, C.W. & H.D.
Rohrer, Joseph
Roland, Ed.
Roller, J.C.
Roodhouse, S.
Root, M.E.
Rose, Jno. N.
Rose, W.
Rose, W.J.
Rose, W.T.
Rose, Wm.
Rosenfelder, P.H.
Ross, H.F.
Ross, J.N.
Ross, Mary W.
Roth, Adam
Roth, S.W.
Roundtree, J.T. (estate)
Rouny, E.
Rousey, Eliz
Rousey, Wm.
Roush, S.
Roush, S.A.D.
Rowan, M.A.
Rowan, Sara
Rowe, Jennie L.
Rowlings, L.A. & G.C.
Royce, B.F.
Royce, W.K.
Royer, J.
Rubon, T.M.
Rucker, J.N.
Ruddell, J.E.
Ruddell, W.L.
Ruddill, J.H. & R.H.
Rudolph, Wm.
Rumbaugh, J.
Runtey, F.
Rupard, H.
Rupard, John & L.A.
Rupard, John W.
Rusaw, Danl.
Rusk, Isaiah
Rusk, Walker
Russell, J.J.
Russell, R.
Rutherford, C.A.
Rutherford, J.H.
Rutherford, W.L.
Rutledge, J.H.
Rutledge, Wm. M.
Ryan, J.B.
Ryan, W.C.
Rylander, G.W.
Rynard, J.L.
Rynard, J.T.
Saathoff, A.
Saathoff, Benjamin
Saathoff, John
Sailor, W.P.
Salber, B.
Salber, M.
Salee, C.E.
Salem, A.P.
Sallee, Mrs. S.E.
Salles, J.
Sample, L.
Sample, M.E. & Jno. A.
Sample, S.A.
Samples, W.W.
Sanders, S.M.
Sanderson, L.W.
Sanger, B.F.
Sankey, R.A.
Sartorius, A. (estate)
Sartorius, J.A.
Satterlee, Newton
Saunders, Horace C.
Saunders, Mrs.
Saunders, R.E.
Sautter, H.
Saville, W.H.
Sawyer, M.E.
Schmidt, J.P. Est.
Schneider, C.
Schneider, J.
Schneider, Jacob
Schneider, Louis
Schoeber, W.H.
Scholl, G.W.
Schonewetter, R.
Schrock, J.C.
Schultz, F.
Schumacher, J.H.
Schumaker, F.L.
Schurtz, T.
Schwartz, Fred
Schwartz, J.F.
Schwarz, F.
Schwarzenholz, Henry
Schwaumb, Jos.
Scott, A.M.
Scott, C.L.
Scott, E.G.
Scott, Harriet L.
Scott, J.A.
Scott, J.L.
Scott, J.W.B.
Scott, James A.
Scott, L.L.
Scott, M.E.
Scott, Mary
Scott, O.L.
Scott, T.J.
Scott, W.L.
Scott, W.W.
Scott, Walter
Scotton, J.M.
Scrivner, B.R.
Scruchfield, O.
Scrutchfield, John
Scrutchfield, O.
Sechler, J.M.
Sechler, S.F.
Seeley, F.E.
Seever, A.J.
Seever, A.J. & Logan, B.C.
Seifert, J.W.
Seim, Casper
Seinkezeh, J.
Seitz, C.
Seitz, Caroline
Seitz, John H.
Seivers, John
Selim, A.P.
Selkirk, Chas. E.
Sellers, Melissa
Sellers, W.L.
Selsor, Jos.
Semler, Chas.
Semler, John
Senter, Chas. L.
Seybold, E.M.
Seymour, E.
Seymour, Mrs.
Shafer, Geo. W.
Shafer, Peter
Shafer, W.H.
Shaffer, J.
Shanaberger, J.E.
Shance, F.
Shanholtzer, B.
Shanholtzer, J.R.
Shanholtzer, P.G.
Shanholtzer, P.H.
Shanholtzer, W.J.
Shanks, M. & M.
Shannon, W.H.
Sharp, G.
Sharp, I.G.
Sharp, J.W.
Sharp, Jas.
Sharp, Jno. W.
Sharp, John Sr.
Sharp, L.M.
Sharp, W.A.
Shaull, G.A.
Shaw, G.W. & A.J.
Shaw, Geo. W. & A.J.
Shaw, H.
Shaw, J.B.
Shaw, M.A.
Shaw, P.
Shea, Jno.
Shear, Henry
Sheddrick, Amanda
Sheedy, A.B. & Berrigan, Thos.
Sheehy, Thos.
Sheehy, Tom
Sheeks, W.C.
Sheets, Emma B.
Sheets, J.H.
Sheilds, Rob't.
Shellenberger, J.
Shelton, Lydia
Shepard, N.R.
Shepherd, G.W.
Shepherd, J.M.
Shepley, H.
Sheppard, A.
Sheppard, Andrew
Sheridan, Mary
Sheridan, P.
Sheridan, Pat
Sherrell, Jas.
Sherrick, J.A.
Shields, Benj.
Shields, R.T.
Shields, R.W.
Shields, W.J.
Shipley, I.N.
Shipley, S.
Shipp, R.C.
Shively, M.
Shoemaker, Eli
Shomer, J.M.
Shop, B.S.
Short, D.H.
Short, L.E.
Short, W.J.
Short, Wm. J.
Shouse, M.E.
Shrewsbury, E.
Shrewsbury, Eliza
Shrewsbury, Jno.
Shrout, E.
Shrum, J.J.
Shrum, W.E.
Shuhart, A.J.
Shull, A.J.
Shumate, J.P.
Shute, D. & Wife
Shute, J.M.
Shute, T.F.
Sickle, C.
Sickle, Sarah
Sickles, I.C.
Sickles, Isaac
Sickles, J.
Sickles, M.W.
Sickles, Mary W.
Sickles, T.C.
Siefkes, A.E.
Sigman, I.
Sigman, S.C.
Silvers, J.A.
Silverthorn, N.
Simmons, Caroline M.
Simon, E.
Simon, L.T.
Simon, V.
Simonson, Mrs. M.B.
Simpson, I.M.
Simpson, J.C.
Simpson, Susan
Sims, Benj.
Sinclair, P.C.
Singleton, R.
Sink, J.
Sink, J.R.
Sipe, Chas. K.
Slater, Frank
Slover, C.E.
Smart, M.
Smeltzer, D.B.D.
Smith & Petter
Smith, A.
Smith, A.D.
Smith, A.M.
Smith, A.P.
Smith, A.T.
Smith, B.M.
Smith, C.H.L.
Smith, C.J.
Smith, C.O.
Smith, D.H.
Smith, D.Z.R.
Smith, E. & S.
Smith, E.F.
Smith, E.N. & W.J.
Smith, E.T.
Smith, F.E.
Smith, F.M. & O.E.
Smith, G.
Smith, Geo. M.
Smith, Henry
Smith, I.N.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.A.
Smith, J.C.
Smith, J.E.
Smith, J.F.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, J.P.
Smith, J.R.
Smith, J.S. Jr.
Smith, J.W.
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jno.
Smith, Jos.
Smith, Kate
Smith, L.K.
Smith, Low
Smith, M.
Smith, M.E.
Smith, M.L.
Smith, M.M.
Smith, Mary C.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mrs. L.F.
Smith, N.A.
Smith, Noah L.
Smith, P.C.
Smith, Peter
Smith, R.L.
Smith, R.T. & E.H.
Smith, S.H.
Smith, S.W.
Smith, T.W.
Smith, W.
Smith, W.H.
Smith, W.P. & A.E.
Smith, Wm. B.
Smitie, Frank
Smock, A.M.
Smouse, Win.
Snell, Susan
Snider, A.J.
Snider, H.G.
Snider, J.R.
Snider, Jane
Snider, L.A.
Snider, L.O.
Snodgrass, B.
Snodgrass, E.C.
Snodgrass, O.
Snodgrass, T.A.
Snorgrass, J.S.
Snow, J.C.
Snyder, A.J.
Snyder, Chas.
Snyder, H.E. & Cassingham, E.W.
Snyder, J.
Snyder, J.A.
Snyder, Joseph
Snyder, M.C.
Solomon, J.C.
Somers, Marion
Spade, W.S.
Spafford, A.J.
Spainhoward, Daniel
Spang, N.
Sparks, R.
Spayd, W.
Spayde, W.
Spears, A.
Spellman, I.F.
Spence, W.S.
Spencer, H.J.
Spencer, H.S.
Spencer, R.
Spendiff, J.
Spendiff, Julia
Spigle, Jas.
Spillman, D.D.
Spillman, J.B.
Spohrer, H.
Spratt, W.R.
Springer, A.C.
Springer, E.R.
Springer, T.
St. John, A.O.
St. John, B.F.
St. John, J.E.
St. John, W.E.
Staats, G.W.
Stadler, Susie
Stagner, Albert F. & Wife
Stahl, Chas.
Stahl, E.F.
Stahler, C.
Staley, J.E.
Staley, W. & D.M.
Stambaugh, S.B.
Standeford, C.
Standeford, C.C.
Standeford, E.
Standeford, U.P.
Stanhope, E.J.
Stansbury, E.S.
Stanton, J.M.
Stanton, S.A.
Stanum, J.
Stanwaity, G.F.
Staples, Vina
Stark, J.J. & A.T.
Stark, L.
Stark, L.F.
Starkey, J.A.
Starks, A.H.
Starks, W.
Starlin, Chas.
State of Missouri Asylum No. 3
Staten, J.N.
States, D.J.
Stauffer, Bertrand
Stayton, J.M.
Stearns, M.C. (heirs)
Steel, J.
Steele, A.O.
Steele, E.M.
Steele, E.T.
Steele, L. & M.A.
Steele, L.A.
Steele, M.M.
Steinbach, Jno.
Steincross, A.
Steincross, A.F.
Steineross, G.W.
Steinhook, Jno.
Steivard, L.L.
Stembel, Jerome
Stephens, A.
Stephens, Mrs. S.
Stephens, W.H.
Stephenson & Foreman
Stephenson, C.M.
Sterling, J.
Sterling, Joseph
Sterrett, A.C.
Stevens, A.W.
Stevens, B.L.
Stevens, H.
Stevens, R.D.
Stevens, W.H.
Stevenson, J.M.
Steward, S.W.
Steward, W.M.
Stewards, M.J.
Stewart, G.W.
Stewart, H.A.
Stewart, J.P.
Stewart, Mary R.
Stiffler, J.N.
Still, J.W.
Stillwell, E.
Stillwell, Minnie
Stilwell, Susan
Stockdale, F.M.
Stockdale, Wm.
Stohl, C.
Stohl, Chas.
Stohl, J.P.
Stokes, Abigail
Stoll, C.G.
Stoll, J.
Stoll, Jacob
Stoll, O.W.
Stoller, W.S.
Stone, J.B.
Stone, Wm. J.
Stouffer, J.W.
Stoum, Jacob
Stout, B.C.
Stout, E.
Stover, B.
Stradley, C.E.
Stradley, S.B.
Strange, G.L.
Strange, W.R.
Strawderman, L.D.
Street, J.G.
Streich, A.
Strite, J.S. & S.W.
Strohn, H.M.
Strole, Frank R.
Strole, M.J.
Strong, H.G.
Strosnider, H.J.
Strosnider, J.J.
Stroud, M.A.
Stuart, John
Stuermer, J.W.
Stuermer, Johanna
Stump, A.E.
Sturgeon, M.
Sturgess, Wm. H. & Jackson, J.H.
Sturgis, S.
Sturtevant, Eva & Lula
Sublett, J.K.
Sullivan, Mary E.
Sullivan, O.J.
Summers, Harding
Summers, M.H.
Summers, M.M.
Sumner, E.W.
Sumner, Ella
Sumner, J.
Sumner, O.
Sumner, R.F.
Sumner, T.C.
Sutton, D.
Sutton, David & Laura
Sutton, Orpha
Sutton, S.E. & C.L.
Swan, H.M.
Swan, H.P.J.
Swan, I.
Swan, Mary
Swan, S.L.
Swan, T. Delos
Swan, T.H.
Swaney, L.A.
Swanson, Isaac
Swanwick, John
Swart, D.S.
Swearengen, J.C.
Swearengen, P.L.
Swearingen, F.N.
Swearingen, K.
Swearingen, P.L.
Swearingen, W.
Swearington, P.L.
Swearinston, Mrs.
Sweet, H.A.
Swinger, J.G. & Tyler, L.A.
Switzer, C.E.
Swope, Thomas W.
Symms, J.A.
Symns, J.A.
Taggart, R.A.
Taggert, Sam'l.
Talley, M.E.
Tapp, J.W.
Tarbert, W.M.
Taylor, A.A.
Taylor, A.J.
Taylor, A.T.
Taylor, Chas.
Taylor, E.
Taylor, Ellen
Taylor, J.
Taylor, J.J.
Taylor, J.T.
Taylor, J.V.
Taylor, J.W.
Taylor, J.W.T.
Taylor, R.
Taylor, R.W.
Taylor, Saml.
Taylor, Solon
Taylor, T.T.
Taylor, Z.E.
Taylor, Z.F.
Teall, A.M.
Teel, E.M.
Teel, Peter
Teel, W.J.
Teel, Wm.
Teener, A. Est.
Teener, E.A.
Teener, M.
Teeter, T.
Teetor, R.F.
Teisler, Jno.
Teisler, W.
Tell, Peter
Telshow, Wm.
Tenell, E.
Terpening, N.A.
Terrell, R.M.
Terrill, W.A.
Terryberry, B. & B.
Terryberry, George
Terryberry, M.
Thaw, H.
Thayer, W.B.
Theis, M.A.
Theno, M.
Thom, C.J.
Thom, Chas.
Thomas, A.
Thomas, Alex.
Thomas, Edw'd.
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jas. & Sons
Thomas, Jasper
Thomas, John
Thomas, L.
Thomas, M.A.
Thomas, M.M.
Thomas, Nick.
Thomas, P.
Thomas, R.H.
Thomas, W.J.
Thompson, A.
Thompson, Ben
Thompson, C.C.
Thompson, C.M.
Thompson, D.C.
Thompson, G.
Thompson, G.W.
Thompson, J.
Thompson, J.M.
Thompson, J.Q.
Thompson, Jas.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Julia
Thompson, Lula & F.S.
Thompson, P.
Thompson, S.F.
Thompson, S.J.
Thompson, Sam.
Thompson, Sue
Thompson, Susan
Thompson, T.E.
Thompson, W.A.
Thompson, W.H.
Thompson, W.M.
Thompson, W.S.
Thorn, Chas.
Thornhill, F.M.
Thornhill, R.
Thornhill, R.T.
Thornton & Mabry
Thornton, A.W. & M.J.
Thornton, D.I.
Thornton, H.L.
Thorp, A.E.
Thorp, F.P.
Thorp, S.A.
Thorp, Susannah
Thrasher, W.C.
Thwing, J.E.
Thwing, J.E. & Gunn, J.R.
Timm, Wm.
Tinlin, B.L.
Tinlin, Sarah
Tinlin, W. (estate)
Titus, Christopher
Titus, E.R. & T.B.
Titus, Fred N.
Titus, G.G.
Titus, H.R.
Titus, I.B.
Titus, O.
Titus, S.J.
Toalson, Eliz.
Todd, E.B.
Todd, Harriet
Todd, J.D.
Todd, J.M.
Todd, Jas.
Todd, Jno.
Todd, L.
Todd, N.P.
Todd, W.E. & A.E.
Tolle, A.E.
Tolle, A.J.
Tolle, J.D.
Tolle, Jno. D.
Tolley, A.J.
Tompkins, A.K.
Tompkins, Jno. J.
Tompkins, Laura E.
Tompkins, M.L.
Toole, H.E.
Toovey, William
Torbert, E.W.
Towne, F.E.
Towne, Marg. C.
Towner, E.M.
Towner, H.
Towner, J.L.
Towner, W.H.
Townsend, L.
Trabue, R.H.
Trader, A.M.
Trapp, W.M.
Tresize, W.C.
Tricott, Luria
Triplett, Bert
Triplett, Mrs. M.A.
Trotter, Otis
Trout, J.A.
Trout, Robt.
Troutman, F.P. & M.J.
Troutman, J.T.
Troutman, M.H.
Troutman, M.J.
Trower, E.M.
Troyer, B.
True, A.F.
True, P.
True, T.F.
True, T.F. & Hiller, T.
Truskett, J.O.
Truskett, Jno. (estate)
Tschannen, L.
Tschantz, Fred
Tschantz, Jacob
Tschantz, Jno.
Tucker, J.J.
Tucker, Sallie
Tull, J.H.
Tulley, E.B.
Turk, Robt. E.
Turk, W.G.
Turley, J.M.
Turner, H.M.
Turner, J.W.
Turner, L.A.
Turpenning, N.A.
Turrell, J.B.
Twigg, S.
Twigg, Wm.
Twitehell, M.E.
Tyler, E.
Tyler, E.A.
Tyler, L.A.
Tyler, P.
Tyree, I.V.
Tyree, J.L.
Tyree, Jas. H.
Tyree, M.F.
Tyree, M.P.
Tyree, Mary
Ulch, J.
Ulch, Jacob
Ulch, John
Ullman, Wm.
Underhill, Geo. C.
Underhill, M.J.
Underhill, Mrs. M.J.
Underwood Sisters
Underwood, A.W.
Underwood, H.F.
Underwood, J.W.
Underwood, Wm.
Updyke, J.E.
Urner, M.S.
Vail, Arthur
Vail, Homer & Arthur
Vail, M.E.
Vail, Mary E.
Vail, W.H.
Van Buskirk, R.J.
Van Meter, A.E.
Van Ness, Jessie S.
Van Ness, Ralph E.
Van Ness, Robert L.
Van Nest, T. & S.
Vanarsdale, C.C.
Vandiver, C.H.
Vanquethen, A.
Vansant, A.
Vantillman, Chas.
Vantillman, Jas.
Vantillman, Jno.
Vantilman, C.
Vantilman, J.
Vantilman, Jas.
Vantilman, S.
Vantilman, Sam'l.
Vanyant (estate)
Vareden, A.F.
Vaughn, Chas.
Vaughn, J.M.
Vaughn, Jno. M.
Veach, E.A.
Veatch, I.J.
Veatch, Jasper Lee
Veatch, P.L.
Veatch, S.J.
Veiux, Peter
Venis, M.N.
Vernon County Poor Farm
Vetter, Chas.
Vetter, Frank
Vetter, Mary
Vetters, Jos.
Vicars, Geo. N.
Vickers, G.W.
Vincent, E.A.
Virgil, S.
Vohs, A.
Vore, P.D.
Vore, Pearl D.
Voss, A.
Wade, H.R.
Wade, J.B. & C.C.
Wade, J.B. & O.
Wade, J.M.
Wade, L.B. Sr.
Wade, O.H.
Wade, R.X.
Wade, Rufus
Waggoner, J.B.
Wagner, B.M.
Wagner, Ira
Wagner, R.
Wagner, W.
Wagoner Bros.
Wagoner, Frank
Wait, E.C.
Wakeman, G.H.
Waldrop, R.
Walk, J.M.
Walker, E.E.
Walker, H.C.
Walker, J.R.
Walker, L.
Walker, W.
Walker, Z.
Walkup, J.B.
Wall, R.J.
Wall, R.T.
Wallace, A.
Wallace, G.W.
Wallace, H.C.
Wallace, Hy.
Wallace, J.M.
Wallace, J.W.
Wallace, James
Wallace, W.F.
Wallace, W.S.
Waller, J.A.
Waller, John A.
Walters, J.
Walters, R.T.
Walters, Wm.
Walton, Daniel
Walton, Jno. T.
Walton, W.R.
Walworth, C.H.
Ward, A.D.
Ward, A.G.
Ward, Daniel (estate)
Ward, Jno.
Ward, Mrs. R.W.
Ward, T.Z.
Warden, A.
Warden, Arthur
Warden, J.H.
Warden, Mary
Warden, W.
Ware, C.W.
Ware, L.
Ware, W.H.
Warkins, C.
Warkins, G.H.
Warkins, G.W.
Warkins, L.V.
Wason, R.A.
Wasson, I.J.
Wasson, Lee
Watson, E.
Watson, H.E.
Watson, Thos.
Watz, Jacob
Way, G.W.
Wayne, J.S.
Wayts, J.M.
Wayts, W.B.
Wealand, Affa
Wealand, B.F.
Wealand, E.L.
Wealand, J.F. (estate)
Wealand, J.L. (estate)
Wealand, Jno.
Wealand, Mary K.
Weathers, Jno. T.
Weaver, M.
Webb, E.C.
Webb, J.W.
Webb, M.A.
Webb, Thos.
Webber, H.
Weber, G.
Weber, G.J.
Weber, H.B.
Weber, H.J. & E.
Weber, H.J. & Wife
Weber, W.B. & H.F.
Webster, J.T.
Webster, Jno. T.
Weeks, Frank
Weeks, H.
Weeks, M.V.
Weems, R.H.
Wehmeyer, H.A.
Wehmeyer, J.H.
Weillins, John
Weinberg, W.
Weis, Frank
Welborn, J.T.
Welborn, M.V.
Welborn, S.G.
Welch, Burton
Welch, Clara
Welch, G.W.
Welch, Hattie
Welch, Lydia S.
Welch, M.E.
Welch, W.
Wells, Geo. W. & Sarah A.
Welsh, Jas. W.
Welton, A.S.
Welton, C.S.
Welton, T.B.
Welty, G.F.
Welty, W.H.H.
Wescott, Mrs. E.
West & Russell
West, A.M.
West, E.V.
West, Harvey L.
West, Thomas (estate)
West, W.C.
Westerhold, W.F.
Westerhold, Wm. F.
Westheimer & Swartz Shoe Co.
Westphal, P.F.
Wetherbee, A.E.
Weyand, E.S. Jr.
Weyand, L.J. & E.S. Jr.
Weyand, T.H.
Weyand, W.P. & Poage, H.M.
Weyand, W.P. & S.J.
Whalen, Ed.
Wheat, C.W.
Wheeler, Emma
Wheeler, J.C.
Wheeler, P.
Wheeler, W.A.
Wherley, J.M.
White Bros.
White, J.D.
White, J.P. (estate)
White, Jno. (estate)
White, Kittie
White, M.C.
White, M.D.
White, O.M.
White, T.B.
White, W.J.
White, Wm. & M.
Whitehead, Mrs. A.E.
Whitelaw, W.
Whitesell, N.
Whiteside, J.
Whitman, B.J.
Whittlesey, Mrs. Helen
Whitworth, Chas. W.
Whitworth, J.W.
Wickham, Thos.
Wickizer, C.N.
Wickliff, C.D.
Wieland, A.
Wight, H.A.
Wight, S.
Wight, S.A.
Wight, Van N.
Wilbert, J.
Wilcox, W.W.
Wilcoxson, G.H.
Wildman, E.C.
Wiley, C.I.
Wilhite, H.A.
Wilhite, Hammit
Wilhite, J.E.
Wilhite, W.M. & F.F.
Wilhoit, D.J.
Wilhoit, H.A.
Wilhoit, Harriet
Wilhoit, M.J.
Wilhoit, Roy T.
Wilker, C.W.
Wilker, Mrs. Mary
Wilker, W.L.
Wilkerson, J.M.
Wilkins, W.H.
Wilkinson, E.A.
Willard, Geo.
Willeins, A.R.
Willer, J.D.
Willhite, J.
Willhite, J.E.
Willhite, Jerry
Willhite, T.B.
Willhite, W.M.
Williams, C.A.
Williams, C.W.
Williams, E. & E.M.
Williams, E.P.
Williams, F.
Williams, F.P.
Williams, Frank
Williams, G.R.
Williams, H.
Williams, H.H.
Williams, Hugh
Williams, J.J.
Williams, J.M.
Williams, J.R.
Williams, J.W.
Williams, Joanna
Williams, John M.
Williams, John W.
Williams, L.R.
Williams, M.G.
Williams, R.B.
Williams, S.
Williams, T.E.
Williams, V.
Williamson, A.
Williamson, J.C.
Williamson, Jno.
Willyard, J.W.
Wilsey, M.
Wilson, A.F.
Wilson, B.F.
Wilson, C.
Wilson, C.B.
Wilson, D.W.
Wilson, Dan
Wilson, F.E.
Wilson, F.L.
Wilson, Geo.
Wilson, Geo. F.
Wilson, I.L.
Wilson, J.
Wilson, J.A.
Wilson, J.W.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, L.A.
Wilson, L.F.
Wilson, M.D.
Wilson, M.E.
Wilson, Martha E.
Wilson, N.J.
Wilson, R.A. (estate)
Wilson, R.L.
Wilson, R.P.
Wilson, S.J.
Wilson, T.F.
Wilson, W.
Wilson, W.H.
Wilson, Wm.
Wilson, Z.
Wilson: Riley Wilson & Co.
Winans, M.
Wine, D.D.
Winsett, M.J.
Winter, Geo.
Winter, Mrs. Jane
Winters, J.
Winters, L.
Winters, Wm.
Wintersteen, J.A.
Wise, A.
Wise, C.W.
Wise, Chas. W.
Wise, Eliz.
Wise, G.W.
Wise, Harley
Wise, N.B.
Wise, O.J.
Wise, Pauline
Wise, S.
Wiseman, W.J.
Witham, Mary A.
Witt Bros.
Witt, J.S.
Witt, James
Witt, S.D.
Wolf, A. & Wife
Wolf, J.
Wolfenbarger, R.A.
Wolford, A.
Wolford, Hosea
Wolter, R.
Wood, A.
Wood, D.S.
Wood, J.A.
Wood, J.W.
Wood, Mrs. C.M.
Wood, Mrs. F.E.
Wood, R.A.
Wooderson, B.F.
Woods Bros.
Woods, B.A.
Woods, G.W.
Woods, J.G.
Woods, J.L. & E.J.
Woods, J.W.
Woods, L.D.
Woods, P.G.
Woods, Thos. J.
Woods, W.B.
Woods, Wm.
Woody, J.W.
Woolbridge, S.
Workman, J.
Workman, N.
Worman, I.S.
Worman, L.S.
Wormley, A.
Wormley, A.V.
Wormley, M. & A.V.
Worsley, A.H.
Worsley, A.V.
Worsley, Allen H.
Worsley, Cora
Worsley, J.O.
Wright, A.E.
Wright, D.W.
Wright, E.H.
Wright, H. (estate)
Wright, J.H.
Wright, J.R.
Wright, J.W.
Wright, L.
Wright, M.E. & B.
Wright, O.W.
Wright, S.A.
Wristsman, Jeanette
Wroe, Mrs. F.M.
Wust, F.
Wust, Fred
Wyats, W.B.
Yarrick, M.
Yater, Millie
Yeates, W.H.
Yeisley, W.
Yeisley, Wm.
Yetter & Harris
Yoakum, John T.
Yoder, A.A.
Yoder, O.
Yokley, J.W.
Yorrick, Minnie
Yost, Henry
Young, Geo. W.
Young, J.F.
Young, J.R.
Young, J.S.
Young, Jas. & Effie
Young, Jno.
Young, Mary
Young, T.J.
Young, W.G.
Younger, W.E.
Yowell, J.B. & Davis, J.P.
Yowell, Jas.
Zaring, W.C.
Zartman, C.S.
Zartman, M.
Zerba, D.
Zerba, Kate
Zerbe, K.
Zierke, H.
Zilliox, Danl.
Zilliox, G.
Zilliox, J. A.
Zilliox, J.H.
Zilliox, J.J.
Zilliox, Jacob
Zimmer, S.A.
Zimmerli, Sam
Zimmerman, F.F.
Zimmerman, Geo.
Zion, T.M.
Zueckert, C.
Zweigart, Henry

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